Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Druids of Gywdion, Part III

What we may battle can transform us further.

Divine Tests
1-8. Cunning may bring Gwydion's follower to bear. He loses access to some of his spells (50% chance for each one), possibly including his turn ability. Roll 1d6 or select which ones are the most fitting to see what he must do to get each one back. 
[1] Use magic in a new way, unlike how he's done before. (Gwydion Magician)
[2] Witness another casting a new spell or using magic in a way he's never seen. (Gwydion Magician)
[3] Steal at least 1d4+1 pigs or other items of value from someone of import. (Gwydion Trickster)
[4] Deceive another. (Gwydion Trickster)
[5] Help someone overcome a curse or similar hardship. (Gwydion Guide)
[6] Aid another in achieving their goal, helping to bring them closer to success. (Gwydion Guide) 

 But cleverness may not be enough. 
Roll 1d3 to see what challenge now befalls the druid or select what seems best.
[1] An ongoing magical effect of the druid's turns bad, much as Bloudewedd did, betraying its original purpose. (Gwydion Magician)
[2] 1d4+1 animate trees attack the nearest follower(s) of Arawn, guaranteeing their ire against the druid. (Gwydion Trickster)
[3] An unfaithful woman that the druid knows is turned into an owl. Any of her remaining lovers (who still give a hoot) will seek bloody vengeance. (Gwydion Guide)

17+ Transformed, the druid will be so affected for 2 days, plus 2 additional days for every divine test result over 17. Roll 1d3 or choose to see what he will experience.
[1] Turned into various animals, such as an elk, sow, and wolf, being unable to speak or use magic and happily breeding with others of the same kind. Each day brings a new change, though he will still be able to speak with such animals at will after the test ends. (Gwydion Magician)
[2] Encounters a foe of equal level/ HD each day whom he must defeat in single combat. He will be entitled to any lands of those he vanquishes. (Gwydion Trickster)
[3] Becomes a henchman advisor for a follower of Lleu (Lugh), fully subservient to the latter's goals. Goodwill will continue after the test is complete even if his goals become his own once again, and Gwydion's. (Gwydion Guide)

Next week, Druids of Gwydion, Part IV!