Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cleric Encounters: Osiris

12th in the gods and goddesses series for Divinities and Cults: Volume III, we have Osiris, Egyptian god of life, death, growth, & resurrection.

Osiris Encounters
1. The plants are very tall and lush here. Though they reflect the fertility of Osiris, they also (roll 1d4): [1] provide edible sustenance, [2] provide wine-like nectar, [3] make navigation difficult, [4] conceal bandits.

2. The party uncovers a colorful pillar. Being a djed, it is, fittingly enough, sacred to Osiris (as god of the dead). It grants the use of one of his spells up to once per day to a Lawful individual who prays before it. Still, it is the size and mass of an actual pillar, so moving it would require a hefty spine indeed.

3. A mummy shambles forth! Those who are observant (and knowledgeable) will notice that it bears the symbols of Osiris though and the being is actually not evil- unsurprising, since Osiris is a daddy.

4. Like Osiris, a lucky party member fathers a son. There is a 50% chance of him being partially divine and a 50% chance of the party member being dead when he is conceived.

5. A nearby river flows. It also (roll 1d4): [1] is flooding, [2] is running dry, [3] hosts bathing pilgrims, [4] has a coffin floating in it. Whatever the party decides to do, they should make sure they’re not in denial.

6. Unless unconscious already, a random party member immediately falls asleep for the next 5d6 minutes and vividly dreams of the Duat (Egyptian Otherworld). He or she thereafter gains a +1 bonus to all Afterlife Encounters (see Volume III), glancing through a Book of the Dead, conversing with Shabti, and the like. Hopefully, the character’s required unconsciousness won’t cause him or her to have to apply the bonus right away.

7. Whether a wise peasant or divine goddess, the Law of Ma’at sees that justice is done. Osiris applies the same to the party, blessing those who have done no wrong (at least according to the 42 negative confessions) with a +1 to all rolls for the next 24 hours. Particularly evil party members might be punished with the opposite, though with only a base 50% chance since Osiris is a generally forgiving god.

8. A ram-headed humanoid emerges. It may simply be some sort of bestial atavar or minotaur, though it may instead be a servant of Osiris blessed with the Banebdjed divine test (equal chances of either).

9. A number of followers of Osiris are engaged in his Mystery Play. They include 1d4 priests, 1d4-1 monks, and 1d3-1 mystics. In any case, the Osirians will offer their assistance once the performance is over, within 1d4 turns.

10. The next Lawful party member who eats bread and drinks wine has a base 50% chance of receiving a visit from an Osiris Avatar. If that occurs, then he will offer to shepherd him or her with some words of wisdom or even deliver them from some dire or evil threat.

11. Great Osiris waves his crook and flail and the last person or creature that the party had witnessed dying comes back to life. Though mortals might have their opinions about such a turn of events, only Osiris knows the truth.

12. The party is cast into the 12 Hours of Night (Egyptian Underworld). Luckily, they are only there a few moments, taking just 1d6 damage from the ordeal. Osiris hopes the experience will encourage them to keep their hearts light as feathers so they need never return, unless of course they are planning on visiting his house there (which is pleasant).

Sample 12th Level Priest of Osiris
Align: L
MV: 30’
AC: 6
HD: 12 (uses magic-user’s hit die and attack bonus^, modifications from divine tests- see below)
Atk: 1
Dmg: 1d4+1 (+1 Crook of Osiris) or 1d6+1 (+1 Flail of Osiris)- see possessions, below
SP: Osiris turn ability, mysteries, priest rules^, Green Man, Mummy Wrapped, Wenennefer (divine tests), 75% chance of being confused for a monster
Spells prepared:
1st level: (6^+2) Create Water, Cure Light Wounds (x3), Protection from Evil, Purify Food and Drink, EntangleD, Shield*
2nd level: (5+2) Augury, Delay Poison, Hold Person, Holy Chant, BarkskinD, Feign DeathD, Find PlantD
3rd level: (4+1) Cure Blindness, Prayer, Remove Curse, BreathingD, Protection from Normal Missiles*
4th Level: (3) Cure Serious Wounds, Divination, Sticks to Snakes
5th level: (3) Atonement, Dispel Evil, Raise Dead
6th level: (2) Heal, Transport via PlantsD
SV: C12
Mor: 9
Possessions: +2 Bandages (as padded armor), +1 Crook of Osiris (those hit must save vs. death or take 1 Intelligence damage), +1 Flail of Osiris (those hit must save vs. paralysis or lose 5’ of speed), 5 gold pieces, 4 1st level Osiris priest followers

 Next week: cleric encounters of Ra!

Also, print-on-demand for Volume I likely won’t be ready until early July. As a result, I’ll be releasing the revised pdf versions in the next day or so. Those who already have their copies should be able to download the new ones from Drivethru RPG, etc. for free.