Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Priestesses of Mokosh, Part V

Mokosh Encounters
Mother Mokosh causes great, moist bounty to flow, weaving life together.

Roll 1d12
1. A random party member receives word that his mother has (roll 1d4): [1] remarried, [2] rearranged his possessions, thereby making everything take 1d20 extra rounds to find, [3] passed away, [4] come to visit! Prayers to Mokosh would now be in order.

2. Here rests a pleasant body of water. Those who bathe in it will (roll 1d4): [1] be healed of all ailments and wounds, [2] draw the amorous attention of a rusalka- a Slavic Nymph- who might then become a mother herself, [3] become quite muddy, but also receive double the benefits from any of Mokosh's magic for the next 24 hours, [4] receive 1d4 x 100 gold pieces if they have been keeping up with their chores.

3. 4d8 Slavs celebrate here, for a new child has been born! The new mother is (roll 1d4): [1] doing well, 
[2] still struggling from the labor, [3] without a husband, [4] especially supported by her husband. What is more, there's a 75% chance of one blessed by Mokosh (per #4 below) arriving within 1d3 turns, whether to provide comfort or to celebrate too.
4. A classic matron in both countenance and bearing, one said to blessed by Mokosh dwells in the area. When encountered, she is found to actually be (roll 1d12): [1-4] just an experienced mother and devout follower of Mokosh, [5-9] a priestess of Mokosh, [10-11] a volkhva of Mokosh, [12] an avatar of Mokosh. 

5. Do you feel that? A random individual within 120' of where this encounter occurs becomes strangely moist, even if they don't realize it, gaining a +3 bonus to all motherly and household-related rolls for the next 24 hours. 

6. The earth grows hale, then perishes again. What's happening here depends on whether Jarilo or Morana are dominant (an equal chance of either). In the former case, all life and fertility-related rolls gain a +3; in the latter, it is rolls involving divination and death that gain the bonus instead.

7.  Mokosh save us: a mother has abandoned her children! A muscular, yet disturbed man comes to sing the tale, himself hailing from the Danzig land of the Teutons. The power of Chernobog must be afoot  (detailed in a later post), for what loving mother would do that?

8. Strangely, a nearby home has come under duress. The food won't cook right, the linens won't get clean, and even the children are becoming choleric and gas-ridden. Those who investigate will find it to be the work of a Domovoy- a Slavic household faerie- who hasn't been properly appeased. Only a Mokoshian priestess will know how.

9.  The local temple of Mokosh is seeking adventurers to make contact with a not-to-distant group who follows a similar goddess, hoping to exchange sewing patterns and recipes (roll 1d6): [1] Frigg of the Varangians, [2] Danu of the Celts, [3] Demeter of the Greeks, [4] Ceres of the Romans, [5] Isis of the Egyptians, or [6] Ninhursag of the Mesopotamians. They will reward those who do so with treasure and magical boon, especially if the adventurers avoid rapine and slaughter along the way.

10. A quaint cottage lies ahead, possibly a legendary home of a talented weaver. The lady there is indeed so, though she is also (roll 1d3): [1] one blessed by Mokosh (per #4 above), [2] actually some sort of spider-demoness, [3] a ghostly haunt who uses phantom thread. If one of the latter two is true, then Mokosh would be very pleased if such a danger were removed. 

11. Rising majestically, twin boulders, visible a mile away, remind travelers of motherly comfort. Those who make the trek will find the place sacred to Mokosh- roll a d10 twice and consult the results above to see how it is so. 

12. This area is in a state of war, with those following Veles and Perun (or their equivalents) at each other's throats. Even party members who follow such deities must save vs. spell or do so too, also having all of their offensive abilities doubled in order to inflict the most carnage. The cause of this conflict is to see who will claim Mokosh's waters, though her followers are likely appalled at such violence in her name (a base 75% chance). If so, then they will sadly ask the Mother Goddess if they should build a wall...

DCC RPG Conversion Notes
Save vs. spell = Make a Will save DC 15

Next week: clerics of Dazbog!