Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Clerics of Uni (Part II)

Healing Side-Effects (Uni)
In the Etruscan tradition, clerics of Uni grant healing in unique ways. What is more, those receiving healing in a Fanum (Etruscan sacred place) may reroll their Side-Effect result and pick which one they would rather experience.

1-2. Let us consider this chopped liver: In order for the healing to work, a fresh liver, removed from a living being and examined for at least 1d12 rounds is needed first. Of course, using the patient’s would be counterproductive in this case.

3-4. Healing Treasures: It is jewelry or other riches that is now required. The patient will be healed, but only up to 1 hit point for every 2 gold pieces in value sacrificed. Other ailments, such as diseases, might require the sacrifice of an item of 15 gold pieces or more (still a bargain at today’s rates).

5-6. We are kind... Simple friendliness and warmth makes Uni smile. The patient will too; that is, if he or she has been friendly and warm during the last hour (unlikely if they have been injured in battle though- only a base 10% chance). Otherwise, they will receive no healing until they lighten up!

7-8. Gods and Goddesses, Men and Women: Though it might seem perfectly normal to Etruscan-types for the sexes to mix together and be polyamorous, others might not think so. As long as the patient has taken such a libertine attitude to whom he or she associates and cavorts with for the last 24 hours, then the healing will work normally. Greeks and Romans probably won’t like them though, as a result (a 75% chance).

9-12. Blessing of Uni: The patient is healed for the spell’s full amount. In addition, if the cleric has examined a liver first or the recipient sacrifices 2 gold pieces in valuables for every hit point healed, is friendly, and/or cavorts freely, then the recipient gains a +2 bonus to all non-violent rolls made for the next 1d6 hours, up to a +6 if three or more apply.