Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Dwarves, Part IV

Dwarven Divinities & Cults
Dwarves by and large have a deep sense of kinship with their gods, often seeing them as either mighty (roll 1d3):
1. Ancestors
2. Elemental Lords
3. Standard Gods

However they are conceived, dwarves generally believe that they were fashioned by them, and it is their duty to do the same with fashioning great things of their own. Even black dwarves are customarily rooted in such tradition. 

As a result, dwarves experience their own side-effects when working magic (detailed in Part III) instead of the usual, human ones for their gods and goddesses. They also follow a simpler tenet and associate the special abilities they receive from them too. Still, dwarves draw spells and experience tests from their divinities just as humans do. Humans, in turn, can access that power via the Dwarf Rune spell (detailed below).

Let the fires burn to remedy those who suffer the unfaithful. Mainly hill dwarves, though some mountain dwarves too, such fiery 
Vulcan followers hold grudges with the devotees of Venus, other pulchritudinous divinities, and of course, elves.
Usual Abilities (roll 1d8): [1] dwarf cleric, [2-4] dwarf smith, [5] dwarf miner, [6] dwarf toughness,
[7] elemental dwarf, [8] reroll twice.

The Dagda
Savor great feasts and ale in solid halls. More joyous and raucous hill dwarves follow that tenet, enjoying the Dagda's ways.
Usual Abilities (roll 1d8): [1] dwarf cleric, [2] dwarf fighter, [3] dwarf smith, [4-6] highland dwarf,
[7] numbered dwarf, [8] reroll twice.

Celestial fire rains down upon those who don't make things properly. Hill and mountain dwarves emphasize such strict tradition- with iron especially. 
Usual Abilities (roll 1d8): [1] dwarf lord, [2] dwarf cleric, [3-5] dwarf smith, [6] dwarf ancestor, [7] dwarf runemaster, [8] reroll twice.

Mighty weapons yield mighty deeds. Mountain dwarves mainly complement Thor's faith in this way, punctuated with their own emphasis.
Usual Abilities (roll 1d10): [1] dwarf fighter, [2-3] dwarf berserker, [4] dwarf runemaster, [5] dwarf smith,
6] dwarf strength, [7] dwarf toughness, [8] dwarven slayer, [9] gilded shapeshifter, [10] reroll twice.

Forgings of woe can bring greater calamity yet. Understandably, black dwarves are most akin to this sentiment, though some chaotic mountain dwarves would do so too.
Usual Abilities (roll 1d8): [1-2] dwarf runemaster, [3] dwarf smith, [4-5] dark dwarf, [6] exploiter, [7] fell shapeshifter, [8] reroll twice.

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Dwarf Rune (3rd Level Cleric Spell)
Casting Time: 1d3 turns
Range: touch
Duration: 4d3 turns
Effect: Craft a rune upon an object that grants its bearer the use of a dwarf ability- one that is associated with the divinity the caster follows. For example, a follower of Thor could cast a dwarf rune upon a shield that allows those who hold it to be able to use one of the dwarven abilities on Thor's list for the spell's duration.

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