Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Volume V Now Available

 The Magic of the Beast Spirits & Folk await!

Have you unleashed the mighty power of Divinities and Cults in your game yet?

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Divinities and Cults: Volume V explores various beast spirits and mythic folk, including new rules to use in your old school game. Along with additional guidelines, magical side-effects, tests, and spell lists, assorted bestial and folk abilities are also available. These animalistic and kindred endowments allow for even greater customization of barbaric characters that follow beast spirits or of others whose race is from myth or folklore. What is more, these abilities are sorted by various divinities and cults, expanding upon the information presented in previous volumes.

Lords of Blessings & Curses, Part I

What may benefit one might not benefit others.

Ways of Blessings & Curses
Those bestowed often are:
Angelic: wholesome for the righteous
Fey: subject to chance
Elemental: based on what element is invoked
Demonic: unpleasant except for the chaotic & the evil
* Devilish: unpleasant except for the one causing them