Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Athena Encounters, Part II

Temples of Athena

Style (d6)
1-2. Ionian: smooth, orderly
3-4. Dorian: practical, orderly, 50% chance of having a historical metope
5. Corinthian: exotic, orderly
6. Reroll 1d5 twice, combine both styles
(All temples of Athena are also almost always very clean.)

Form (d6)
1. Shrine
2-6. Rectangular

Number of Columns: 2d6 at ends of temple, or outside if a shrine

Temple's Access is Forbidden to (d6)
1. Law-breakers
2. Foreigners
3. The Chaotic
4. Defilers
5. Those wearing footwear.
6. Reroll twice