Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Priests of Ing, Part I

Anglo-Saxon God of Prosperity & Fertility

Tenets of Ing
* Be prosperous & noble
* Savor the fertile fruits
* Be virile, expanding your domain
* Eschewing war unless necessary

Priests of Ing
Special: Ing is served by priests and priestesses
Allowed Weapons: Sword, staff, club, seax
Allowed Armor: None
Symbol: Staff, Wagon, Boar, Ship
Can Turn: Those who would shed blood in a sacred place.
Mysteries of Ing: Followers of Ing can grant themselves or another within 15' a +3 AC bonus if the combat was not initiated by them. They may do so up to once per day per level.

Folk Variations

Freyr (Norse): very similar, he is detailed here (link). The rules for both gods can be substituted as desired, emphasizing various aspects, or even be combined to offer greater selection. Note that Ing fosters Anglo-Saxon noble lines of course, not Swedish, and is presented as more peaceful than his Norse equivalent.

Next week: Priests of Ing, Part II!