Wednesday, April 27, 2016

One for the Fighters

Nerds (such as I) were given far too many wedgies by the local football participants over the years to fully appreciate athleticism in the current era. On the other hand, ancient athletes; that is, the warriors of old are certainly compelling enough for me to honor in my writing, no matter how much they might have belittled men of smaller frame in their own time. 

It takes an incredible amount of courage to fight in an actual battle as opposed to some game that involves running around lines. trying to knock each other over in plastic armor before some half-time show commences. It could even be said that the warriors of old, the fighters in our role-playing games, had to endure even greater terror than the usual scenario of fighting foes at least at some range, as is the case in the warfare of today. 

Keep these facts in mind when reading Divinities and Cults, for in that book, fighters are given special rules on how to gain the most out of combat like the ancients did, without making your game imbalanced or overly complicated. How can you make your fighter into a viking or an amazon or a berserker or a hoplite? Refer to the book and find out! And stay tuned for the upcoming Divinities and Cults Volume II, which includes even more historical fighter options!

And remember always to honor these warriors, for after all, they most likely didn't give wedgies, since underwear wasn't even invented yet.