Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Lords of Blessings & Curses, Part II

Additional Blessing & Curse Results
Whether via divine test or the Bestow Blessing & Curse spell, divinities and cults can make their pleasure (and displeasure) known.

Specifically for the Blessing & Curse spell, once what occurs has been determined and if the Magical Side-Effect allows (see Part I), the caster can then select what specifics happen. He may experience unique effects via his lord too if a result of 'other' occurs. See below.

Using a Higher Level Spell
As mentioned before, the spell's level can be increased beyond 1st no matter what the initial result of the Blessing & Curse spell is. Doing so can boost its range, allow additional effects to occur, allow more individuals to be affected, or increase the duration of the effects. With the Referee's permission, a prepared higher level spell can then be considered expended instead when Bestow Blessing & Curse is cast to cause a higher level effect. Even in these cases, Bestow Blessing & Curse would still be prepared as a 1st level spell.