Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Clerics of Svarog (Part I)

Lawful Slavic Sky God & Sun-Forger
Tenets of Svarog
* Father many to forge a better world
* Wield weapons of iron, not ones of wood or stone
* Work the land well, so as to provide plenty
* And each woman should have just one husband!

Clerics of Svarog
Special: Clerics of Svarog are also known as priests and volkhv and are usually male.
Allowed Weapons: Staff, hammer, torch (as club), mace
Allowed Armor: None
Holy Symbol: Star of Rus, Bowl, Tongs, Axe
Can Turn: Primitives, Underground dwellers, Ducks, and other disobedient types
Svarogian Mysteries: Clerics of Svarog can gain a +2 bonus to one of their casting rolls when in the presence of a cleric of or shrine to another Slavic God (since he created them all to do his handiwork), up to once per level per day.