Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Priestesses of Ilmatar, Part V


Ilmatar Encounters 
All the winds can bring, all that can be brought by air, you see.

Roll 1d12
The sky clears, revealing the lofty firmament above. Ilmatar's followers, those who follow similar gods, and even sky-appreciators in the area gain a +2 to all rolls for the next 1d4 hours. Those who dislike such things gain a -4 instead; that is, if they are even around to view it.

2. Great winds swirl, ripe with new seed. All not secured and who are within 1d6 x 100' are blown 1d10 x 10' in a random direction, possibly colliding with objects for 1d6 damage per 10' traveled. And if possible, each has a base 10% chance of becoming pregnant.

3. Do you hear that? Something fell is upon the breeze and the 1d4 quarter mile area where this encounter takes place will experience great destruction starting within 1d6 turns. Only the stoutest of structures (and those who seek shelter within them) will survive the event. A faithful of Ilmatar will know this is coming and give forewarning to all who will listen (per #12 below), though as with all weather prognostications, there is only a base 50% chance of it being accurate.

4. Beyond belief, this place is simply aerial, with no ground or water to find purchase in sight! Such is the realm from which Ilmatar came, though only those who follow her will know there's no reason to scream- simply enjoy the flight (or falling) as the clouds rush by, until land is safely found again sometime in the next 3d6 rounds.

5. Ahh, calm, clear water are at this location: quenching thirst, easing burdens, and reinvigorating the soul. Any who take the time to rest gain the benefits of a full night's rest, even if it is just for 1d2 hours.

6. Waves course here, causing all to save vs. paralysis or be knocked prone. The wetness will soon dissipate (unless the area was already wet), though the disarray will not. 

7. Murky depths flood everywhere, keeping all except those who enjoy such things low with burden (a -4 to all rolls), but making any pregnancies and births much easier (with a +10 bonus).

8. Behold! A winged creature descends from the sky: none other than a duck. This magic being will lay 7 eggs. The first 6 each function as a Gate spell when cracked open, while the 7th functions as Flesh to Stone, except that it turn ones hit by it to iron instead.

9. Suddenly a burning comes upon a lucky female party member (or nearby NPC if none are in the party), ironically not from where one might think. In fact, it makes her shoulders & knees erupt in flame, doing 1d6 damage to all who stand right in front of her, unless they are followers of Ilmatar or the like.

10. Landforms change radically here, with hills rising and cliffs falling. Each 30' radius spot within sight changes elevation by (1d20 -10) x 5 feet, thereby adjusting anywhere from 45 feet lower to 50 feet higher.

11. With a wisp and a whisper, a spirit of air is here. Its presence encourages lightness, shifting, movement, and the blowing around of light objects, causing all to save vs. spell or react more in that way, though the spirit cares not. It stays with the party for the next 1d10 turns, unless somehow banished or brought to a very earthy or enclosed area.

12. One faithful in Ilmatar dwells here, a very light and gracefully quiet sky-appreciator (roll 1d12):
[1-3] just a non-classed faithful follower of Ilmatar, [4-7] a priestess of Ilmatar, [8-9] a tietaja of Ilmatar,
[10-11] a mystic of Ilmatar, [12] an avatar of Ilmatar.


DCC RPG Conversion Notes
Save vs. paralysis= make a Reflex save DC 15
Save vs. spell= make a Will save DC 15. 

Next week: fighter-wizards of Lemminkainen!