Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Dionysus Encounters, Part I

Followers of Dionysus

Though his followers might end up abiding by all his tenets, some may emphasize one over all the rest. Such circumstances not only focus their approach, but it can also adjust the mysteries, magical side-effects, and divine test results available to them from Volume I.

Main Emphasis (d12)
1. Live a wild life (Agrios)
2. Don’t let yourself be held back by Authority, man! (Liber)
3. Lose yourself in wine (Akratophoros)
4. Lose yourself in music & dance (Enorches)
5. Lose yourself in theatre (Ekstasis)
Lose yourself in passion (Auxites)
7. Help others to lose themselves too! (Eleutherios)
8. Mystery tradition (son of Zeus, rebirth, old age/ youth, Orpheus)
9. Totemic tradition (bulls, serpents, leopards, or goats, and their mythic counterparts)
10-12(No emphasis- why would you push it??)