Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Druids of Gwydion, Part II

Gwydion's Magical Side-Effects
Not only magic itself, but trickery, guidance, and transformation are the ways of Gwydion. Roll 1d12 whenever one of his talented followers works a spell.

1. Angen Gwaith: Something is needed for the spell to work. Once given, it will.

2-3. Cyrraedd Yno: If something isn't provided, then the magic will only occur at 50% its usual strength. 

4. Yn Araf: The spell will happen, but if the druid doesn't perform a requirement, its effects will only transpire 2d3 turns later.

5. Teyrnas ArawnAll within 1d6 x 10' gain a +1d3 bonus to certain rolls for the next 2d6 rounds, depending on which one of Gwydion's aspects is manifest (roll 1d3): [1] enchantment, [2] deception, or
[3] change.

6-8. Arwydd o Newidd: Except for a minor occurrence representing the magic, trickery, or transformation showing up (a 33% chance), the spell works as usual this time. 

9-10. GwychThe magic's effect, range, or duration can be boosted by 50% if a requirement is given. If not, then it works normally.

11-12. GrymusThe spell occurs for double its usual effect, range, or duration, as well as it not being expended so it can be used again that day. What is more, if the druid fulfills a requirement, then the spell's aspect can be tripled instead.

Requirements by Aspect
When a magical side-effect has a requirement, roll either based on which aspect of Gwydion the caster most resonates with or simply pick at random.

Gwydion Magician (d4)
The caster must...
1-2. Use a staff or wand.
3. Have used magic (the same as is being used now or another type) within the last 4d6 hours.
4. Call his magic unto him or speak aloud some charm.

Gwydion Trickster (d4)
The caster must...
1. Attempt to deceive another with the spell.
2. Use the spell to attempt to foil one who has defied him.
3. Successfully deceive another with the spell.
4. Roll per Gwydion Magician, above.

Gwydion Guide (d4)
The caster must...
1. Attempt to aid an ally with the spell.
2. Use the spell to attempt to foil one who has defied an ally.
3. Successfully aid an ally with the spell.
4. Roll per Gwydion Magician, above.

For example, a druid of Gwydion casts a spell and his player rolls a 9 (Gwych). So if he wants an element of the spell to be increased by 50%, his player can roll for a requirement. He opts to do so and, because the druid relates more to Gwydion Guide, he rolls on that table and gets a 3. Therefore if the druid's spell ends up assisting an ally of his, then its effect, range, or duration can be improved by half.

Next week: Druids of Gwydion, Part III!