Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Clerics of Mielikki, Part II

Magical Side-Effects
Savor the hunt, but don't take too much from it. Roll 1d12. 

1. Mercy: As forest-hostess, Mielikki provides. The spell will need to be helpful to its target, otherwise it won't work. 

2. Huntress Way: Armed with bow, the goddess selects her prey. The magic must involve hunting in some way, cast at a distance and without the target knowing. If not, then it will only function at 1/2 strength. 

3. Sylvan Domain: The woods are green and free. As soon as the spell's target is in a forest setting or at least passes by a tree, the effects will occur. Otherwise, they will only find their way to the target after 1d3 turn's time. 

4. Metsan Haltja: Are the spirits near? The cleric must make a Wisdom check to connect with them to make the magic happen. If within woods, she gains a +4 to her check; +2 if another natural place. If not, then she must leave a small, fitting offering for them instead.

5. Lucky: The hunt may not always go as planned, but Mielikki still provides succor. All within 60' gain a +1 bonus to their ranged attack and spell rolls for the next 2d6 rounds under her blessing. 

6-8. No Side Effect: The magic works as usual this time. 

9. Woodland Herbs: Such bounty in the forest aids in all magic craft. If the cleric has had at least 1d3 turns to collect from such a setting that day, then the spell's effect, range, or duration can be increased by 50%.

10. Simplicity of Mehtola: With an animal nearby, or at least being unclad like one, then the cleric can add 50% to the spell's effect, range, or duration.

11-12. Huntress's Blessing: The magic occurs for twice its normal effect, range, or duration, as well as it not being expended that day. What is more, if the cleric is being merciful, in the forest, or unclad when casting the spell, then she can also sense the direction to one thing she seeks, whether prey or bounty, with Mielikki smoothing the way.

DCC RPG Conversion notes
Spell not being expended that day = gains a +2 bonus to its spell check 

Next week: Clerics of Mielikki, Part III!