Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Lords of Puppets, Part II

As servants of divinities, supernatural lords understand that the former can test their faithful. Still, lords grant powers and spells themselves too, and those who fail to abide can be punished in much the same manner. Whether such is done in an angelic, fey, demonic, or devilish way, those who deal with puppets shouldn't be fooled by their toylike appearance.

Puppet Tests
1-7. Who's pulling the strings? The puppeteer loses access to all his granted powers and spells (not just the puppet lord's ones). See what must be done to get them back. 
    Angelic: Give their puppet to a good person. It is then entirely up to the latter when they give it back to the puppeteer, if at all.
   Fey: Win an argument with the puppet. An Intelligence check with a -5 penalty may be required (DC 20). Failed debates can be retried 1d6 hours later, though they'd likely be very trying.
   Demonic: Engage in a horrific act of anarchic aggression, having the puppet seem to assist. It might even smile on its own.
   Devilish: Promise one's soul, or trick another into doing so, using the puppet to seal the deal. Hopefully a kiss won't be required.