Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Druidesses of Rhiannon, Part I

Welsh Goddess of Wise Rulership, Courtship, & Horses

Tenets of Rhiannon
* Be a wise queen
* Allure a great consort for even greater offspring
* Emulate the noble horse
* Overcome all challenges

Druidesses of Rhiannon
Special: Rhiannon is served by druidesses, priestesses, gweledydds (Welsh seers), and swynwraigs (Welsh sorceresses). She can also be followed in various ways, bestowing distinct abilities based on  her aspects (see below). 
Allowed Weapons: Staff, sword, mace, javelin, lance
Allowed Armor: None
Symbols: Crown, Birds, Horse

Can Turn
: (by aspect)
    Rhiannon Queen: those at a lower position than her (physical or otherwise- pick one to always use) 
    Adar Rhiannon: those who have an Intelligence score of 3d3 or less (reroll each time this ability is used)
    Rhiannon Mare: those who have endangered horses sometime within the last 3d4 hours 
or could endanger her offspring (if not known, a base 50% chance)

 of Rhiannon: Up to once per day per level, followers of Rhiannon can gain a +2 bonus to a roll when doing one of the following:
    Rhiannon Queen: behaving regally, or advising her consort.
    Adar Rhiannon: behaving alluringly, or when birds can be seen or heard.
    Rhiannon Mare: behaving protectively, or when adjacent to a horse.

For example, a druidess of Rhiannon might turn as Adar Rhiannon, but access mysteries as Rhiannon Queen in a particular instance, or all the time, or turn and access mysteries as Rhiannon Mare only, etc.

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Next week: druidesses of Rhiannon, Part II!