Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Druidesses of Rhiannon, Part III

Divine Tests
1-8. Such challenges arise, surely only to be overcome. The druidess loses access to some of her spells (50% chance for each one), possibly including her turn ability. Roll 1d6 or select which is the most fitting to see what she must do to get each one back. 
[1] Be blamed for something she didn't do. Charisma checks may be in order to set things right. (Rhiannon Queen) 
[2] Give wise advice. (Rhiannon Queen)
Court a man, yet remain unreachable for at least 2d3 turns. (Adar Rhiannon) 
[4] Be unclad for the next 2d3 hours, which may create a situation similar to #3 above. (Adar Rhiannon)
[5] Tend to the next horse she sees for 1 hour (Rhiannon Mare) 
[6] Be mounted for 1d3 hours. (Rhiannon Mare)

9-16. What befell Rhiannon now befalls her druidess too. Roll 1d3 or select one.
[1] Her child (or next most prized possession) ends up 1d20 miles away, safely in the care of others, but at a location unbeknownst to her. (Rhiannon Queen)
[2] She is given to a random nobleman, and must remain his until she convinces another to place him in a bag and be beaten soundly. (Adar Rhiannon)
[3] From now on, she must carry around like a horse any person who so requests it. She can save vs. spell/ make a Will save DC 15 to resist each instance, otherwise she must do so for at least 3d4 rounds, and will likely have to make a Strength check (DC 15 or more, per Referee) every round to be able to do so, unless the person is much lighter than her. Any additional difficulties from the rider will automatically end the requirement in each case. (Rhiannon Mare)

17+ Trials can change even the ones who overcome them. Rhiannon will so transform the druidess for 1 day for every divine test result over 16, preventing her from being able to use any of her abilities. Choose which one it is or roll 1d3.
[1]  She becomes lowly, losing all her rank and level, along with her Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores being reduced by 2d3 too. (Rhiannon Queen)
[2] She is turned into a bird. (Adar Rhiannon)
[3] She is turned into a horse (Rhiannon Mare)

For additional info on fey ellyllon
, Welsh spirit-elves, see here.


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