Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Clerics of Perun, Part V

Perun Encounters
Perun's thunder can rain down both weal and woe. He will lend his faithful some help though (see below*). 

Roll 1d12
1. Thunder rumbles and a storm comes. All those who don't find cover within 1d20 rounds will take 2d20 damage- save vs. death for 1/2 damage- watching out for any ball lightning!
2. Thunder rumbles and the skies clear. Still, the chances of other encounters occurring doubles for the next 1d6 hours.
3. Suddenly, a dark being leaps out and attacks. It is a vampir (treat as a disfigured vampire or draugr- see Volume I), thirsty for blood and the light that Perun might bring!
4. 2d3 Slavs rest here, drinking spirits made of apples and such. An actual spirit may be present too (a base 33% chance- see Volume II to determine which type).
5. Hiss... A great, serpentine being slithers forth- it is a giant snake (giant python or boa constrictor)! If easily dispatched, 1d3 snake men (see Volume III) will seek to avenge it the next day.
6. 1d6 beautiful, slavic women stand at a clearing here, keeping a careful eye out for thunder. Potential brides-to-be, they will go off with men who appear to be of means to support them, even if they are adventurers. 
7. Do you smell that? Something dripping and rancid has been in the area. Those who pursue will find it to be 2d3 fish men (see Volume III for stats)- watery beings up to no good indeed.
8. Tough and strong, 1d3 Varangians round the bend. Similar to Perun, they follow Thor, who is Neutral and Norse and has a somewhat different focus, especially with hammers. The Varangians are unlikely here to debate theology though (only a base 25% chance), more likely on a raid!
9. Do they honor oaths? No! Do they respect the cosmic order? Of course not! For the rest of the day, any chaotic being or beings the party encounters (especially followers of Veles!) will attack the party on sight. And if there are any chaotic members in the party at the time, then they will attack the other party members too!
10. At this sacred place, weapons are lain aside. There's a 50% chance of 1d3 clerics of Perun still being present; 75% if outdoors and thereby at a kapishche. Otherwise, they have already departed.
11. A heinous, inverted star hangs here. It is a sign of Uncle Steel Dwarf  (link), and brutal tyranny is soon to follow. Those who follow Perun and all that's good should work to stamp it out right away.
12. A roar is heard in the sky and 1d8 x 10 armored Teutons advance in the distance. Those who approach them find they are engaged in some sort of 'Lightning War'. Perun worshipers might take issue with that (a base 50% chance). 

*If those affected by any of these encounters are faithful followers of Perun (or the like), they will gain one of the following benefits for the duration of the encounter (roll 1d4): [1] a +4 AC bonus, [2] a +4 save bonus, [3] the assistance of a 1st level cleric of Perun, [4] a 4d6 lightning bolt from on high, targeted on one enemy.

DCC RPG Conversions 
Save vs. death= Make a Fortitude save DC 10

Dobroslav, Sample 1st Level Cleric of Perun
Align: L
MV: 40’
AC: 7
HD: 1
Atk: 1 (hand axe or bow)
Dmg: 1d6+1 or 1d6
SP: Perun mysteries, turn ability
Spells prepared: [1st] Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil (chaotic, dark, watery, and/or serpentine beings), Remove Fear
SV: C1
Mor: 10

Possessions:  Holy symbol, hand axe, bow, studded leather armor, 5 gold pieces

Dobroslav, DCC Stats
Init 0
Atk hand axe +1 melee (1d6+1) or bow +0 ranged (1d6)
AC 13
HD 1d8
MV 30’
Act 1d20
SP: Perun mysteries, turn ability
Spells known: [1st] Blessing, Detect Evil (chaotic, dark, watery, and/or serpentine beings), Food of the Gods, Paralysis
Ref +0
Fort +1
Will +1

Next week: priestesses of Lada!