Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Clerics of Asclepius (part II)

Healing Side-Effects
The healing of Asclepius is great, though not without its requirements at times. In all cases, there is also a 20% chance that Asclepius will later visit the patient in a dream when he or she next sleeps, granting the recipient a +1d3 bonus to any one roll related to healing or avoiding harm for the following day.

1. Telesphorus: Healing must be brought to completion. The spell takes 1d6 x10 minutes to cast; 1/2 that time if the cleric is a dwarf or often wears a hood.

2. Aceso: It takes a 1d6 x 10 minute process for the effects of the healing spell to kick in, but only 1d6 minutes if a snake is present.

3. Podalirius: Is the patient a hero or an animal? Is there a stream nearby? If so, then the healing works normally. If not, then the cleric must operate, causing 1d4 damage to the patient.

4. Iaso: In order to recuperate, the patient needs rest. At the earliest opportunity, he or she must rest for at least 1d3 hours in order to receive the healing. The chance of a visit by Asclepius is 40% in this case, rather than just 20%.

5. Machaon: All that is needed are medicinal herbs for the healing to work. If not on hand, then it will take the cleric 1d6 x 10 minutes to find them.

6. Aglaea: Such a healthy glow! The recipient is healed and gains a +1d3 bonus to all Charisma-based rolls for the next 1d6 hours.

7. Hygieia: Cleanliness is next to this goddess. If the patient is clean (per Referee) then he or she is healed and gains a +1d6 bonus to resist disease for the next day.  If not, then the patient only receives 1/2 the healing effect and no bonus vs. disease.

8. Epione: Soothed of all pain, the recipient automatically gains the full healing effect of the spell. What is more, the next time he or she is healed by any cleric, they may pick which Side-Effect they wish to experience, if any.

9-12. Blessing of Panacea: Not only is the patient healed by the spell, but is in fact healed of all injury and malady.

Look for more about clerics of Asclepius in upcoming blog posts!

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