Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Goblins, Part I

Stats: Goblins have the following modifiers.
  * +1d4 Dexterity, along with -2d3 Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution, & Charisma.
  * +2d3 bonus to checks made to deceive and backstab others, being naturally treacherous.
  * Typically underhanded as well, they must save vs. spell/ make a Will save DC 15 to refrain from torturing defenseless prey or even betraying allies if they can get away with it.
  *Base 75% chance of being subterranean/ nocturnal, suffering a -1d6 rolls when in bright light, but can also see in the dark.

Goblinoid Divinities & CultsTezshnaz, arch-devils, and other demon lords
HD: d4
To-Hit Bonus: +1 per 3 HD, rounded up (+1, +1, +1, +2, +2, +2, etc.)
Saving Throws
All: +1 bonus per 3 HD.
Usual Weapons: Goblins & Wild Goblins- club, bow, spear, sling, dagger
Hobgoblins- mace, crossbow, polearm, sword
Usual Armor: Goblins- leather or lighter, Hobgoblins- splint or lighter, Wild Goblins- none!

Special Abilities: Goblins usually have 1 special ability per odd HD (1, 3, 5, etc.) Each one also has a compulsion too- an associated despicable manner to match. Such despicableness can be resisted by saving vs. spell/ making a Will save DC 15 on an individual basis. This malevolent nature is in addition to their propensity for underhandedness (detailed above).

Though each ability is listed under a particular goblin  type, they can be selected from different types with the Referee's permission, enabling the creation of other types of goblins (e.g. gremlins, unseelie goblins, tunnel goblins, kobolds, etc..) Each ability can also be selected more than once, allowing the bonuses to compound each other. 

Common Goblins
[Certain Colored] Goblin: gain a +1d2 to all rolls in certain situations depending on their hide color, but also suffer the same in penalty when they don't occur. Green Goblins: when doing something envious. Bright Yellow Goblins: when enforcing conformity. Burnt Orange Goblins: when gathering victims for sacrifice and/or torture.
Goblin Horde: unfailingly have 2d4 extra goblins in the area. T
here are always one goblin too many, but this special ability makes that worse: more keep popping up even if slain, until the actual goblin who has it is slain. 
Goblin King: gain +1d8 HD and can compel other goblins to follow its commands. It has a base chance of being successful depending on goblin type: common goblins- 75%, hobgoblins- 50%, wild goblins- 25%, but for those non-goblins who disbelieve his power (by making a save vs. death/ Will save DC 10), he will then have no power over them.
Goblin Shaman: gain the spellcasting abilities of a 1st level cleric, but also roll for goblin magical side-effects (see Part II), and will refuse to use armor or other sensible protection.
Goblin Rogue
can escape capture once per day, but must otherwise always engage in overly complicated plans.
Goblin Warriorgain an additional +1 bonus to hit and to AC. Must flee from any for that's seemingly stronger than them though, even if inopportune.

Unlike goblins, they suffer no Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, or Constitution penalty. Their Charisma penalty is also only -1d3+1.
Hobgoblin Guardgain an additional +1 bonus to hit, damage, and to AC, but must chant loud songs whenever marching.
Hobgoblin Militant: gain a +2 bonus to initiative and a +1 bonus to hit non-Lawful types, but must always obey their commanders and keep their weapons polished.
Hobgoblin Monk: can make 2 unarmed attacks each round for 1d2 + Strength modifier damage, but insist on strict discipline  at all times (which is antithetical to most goblins).
Hobgoblin Priest
gain the spellcasting abilities of a 1st level cleric, but also roll for goblin magical side-effects (see Part II) and must always work to take prisoners for slavery and/or sacrifice.
Mischievous Hobgoblin: gain the skills of a 1st level thief, but must engage in pranks whenever possible.
Scary Hobgoblincan scare others who first see them, causing a -1d3 to all rolls for the next 3d5 rounds (save vs. death/ make a Will save DC 10 negates), but the goblin will attempt to frighten anyone it first encounters, including potential allies.

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