Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Loki Encounters, Part III

Quests of Loki
Chaos unfolds, though whether it serves the gods may be up for debate. Roll 1d12.

1. Spread mischief: The next individual to drink a potion in the party's presence is in for a surprise. It turns out that someone 'accidentally' switched it with a vial of poison. The drinker must save vs. poison/ make a Fortitude save DC 15 or take 4d6 damage, though if they have tasted such a potion before, then they gain a +4 bonus to the save in order to spit it out in time. Whatever the case, the drinker will feel awful from what they thought would help.

2. Spread deception: A very unlucky party member is led to believe that their true love awaits, thanks to coaxing love letters he receives. Pursuing this will reveal that it is 
certainly untrue, and he will suffer a -6 penalty to all rolls for the next 1d6 days due to the great sadness caused from her complete disinterest. Finding the follower of Loki who actually sent them might clear that up a little faster.

3. Breed monsters- they make life more interesting! Word is, a family has a child that no one has been allowed to see. There's a 50% chance of it being an actual monster (see #6 below for a list), otherwise it will likely act like one when finally brought around people.