Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Noitas of Louhi

Chaotic Demon Lord of Pohjola

Cult Edicts of Louhi
* Be cruel to Finns & men, especially Finnish men!
* Tempt them with beautiful rewards...
* ... and betray them whenever possible
* Unleash great calamity too

Noitas of Louhi
Special: Louhi is served by witches (see Volume II) and noitas (Finnish shamanic-witches). Noitas fight as magic-users, but are otherwise treated as clerics. And unlike standard witches (who can select different spells and brew potions), Louhi's noitas can call upon dark spirits to turn Finnish men. Both use mysteries of Louhi (below).
Allowed Weapons: Dagger, staff, whip
Allowed Armor: None
Symbols: Darkness, Cold, North, Whip
Can Turn: Finnish men
Mysteries of Louhi: If their magic would harm a Finnish man, followers of Louhi may reroll one of their spell rolls up to once per day per level.
* Louhi and her ilk's hatred of Finnish men can come to include (and even affect) western human males of other civilizations too, if the Referee so desires.

Next week: Noitas of Louhi, Part II!