Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Priestesses of Eorde, Part I

Anglo-Saxon Goddess of the Earth 

Tenets of Eorde
* Honor the land
* Protect your people
* Be strong
* Providing bounty

Followers of Eorde
Special: Eorde is served by priestesses and clerics.
Allowed Weapons: Club, staff, dagger, mace
Allowed Armor: Leather or lighter
Symbols: Soil, Rocks, a Strong Arm, Fertile Lands
Can Turn: None
Mysteries of Eorde: Followers of Eorde gain either +1 Strength or Constitution. They can also grant themselves or another either a +2 AC bonus for 1d6 minutes or 4 hit points of healing if they're touching natural earth. They may do so up to once per day per level. Which is gained or granted is determined at character creation.

Folk Variations
Changes to Eorde's guidelines can be used for those who follow similar goddesses.

JordFj├Ârgyn (Norse): can substitute select elements of Thor's followers (see Volume I), since she is his mother.
Airtha (Gothic): Can turn undead and other evil spirits, but give up the Strength or Constitution bonus.
Nerthus/ Erda (Germanic): What her mysteries grant can vary, being determined at random each time they're used or needed (rather than at character creation), since they're influenced by spirits and various portents.

Next week: priestesses of Eorde, Part II!