Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Shamans of Ukko, Part I

Lawful Finnish Great God of the Sky, Thunder, & the Harvest

Tenets of Ukko
* Honor your elders and ancestors
* Honor the spirits, the Haltija
* Honor the land and animals too

Shamans of Ukko
Special: Ukko has no clerics in his service, only shamans and sorcerers (detailed in Part IV).
Allowed Weapons: Hammer, axe, sword, club
Allowed Armor: Leather, furs, or lighter
Holy Symbol: Sky, Lightning, Hammer
Can Turn: None
Finnish Shamanism: Though Finnish shamans often follow Ukko above all others, they are very animistic, communing with various spirits and gods at different locations in order to gain their powers each day. 

After 1d6 turns of making offerings, chanting, drumming, and/or achieving trance states, they can gain one of the following benefits, usable a total of up to once per day per shaman level, depending on where their communion takes place:
Mountain: Gain a +4 Strength or Constitution bonus for 1d6 rounds
Forest: Be able to speak with animals or gain immunity to natural attacks for 2d6 rounds
Water: Be able to breathe water & swim at double speed or speak with water spirits for 2d6 rounds
Sauna: Gain a +6 Charisma bonus when dealing with Finns (and similar types) or ignore temperature extremes for 2d6 turns
Field: Add 2 to all rolls when casting a healing, weather, or element-related spell
Graveyard: Be able to leave one’s body and travel in spirit (ethereal) form at triple speed or be able to see spirits and other ethereal beings for 2d6 rounds

For example, if a 2nd level shaman communed at a sauna (or similar place) then he could either gain a +6 Charisma bonus when dealing with Finns or ignore temperature extremes for 2d6 turns, up to twice per day, no matter where he is when he calls upon the power.

What is more, Finnish shamans also have access to different types of spells depending on where they commune each day: additional details will be provided in Part IV.

Next week: Shamans of Ukko, Part II!

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