Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Shamans of Ukko/ Finnish Shamans, Part III

Divine Tests (Ukko)
1-4. The shaman takes a -1 penalty per Divine Test result to all his rolls (-1 to -4). It lasts until he spends at least 1d6 turns communing with the spirits and/or gods in a particular type of place. Roll 1d6 to see where he needs to go.
            [1] Mountain spirits/ Ukko, Illmatar
            [2] Forest spirits/ Tapio, Tellervo, Mielikki
            [3] Water spirits/ Ahto, Kylikki
            [4] Sauna spirits/ Illmarinen, Akka
            [5] Field spirits/ Peko, Paivatar, Kuutar
            [6] Graveyard spirits/ Tuoni, Tuonetar, Loviatar, Kalma

5-11. The spirits require placation, causing the shaman to lose access to some of his spells (50% chance for each one). Roll 1d6 and consult the list above to see what spirits of place need to be interacted with. Then roll 1d6 again for each spell lost to determine what he must do in order to regain it (note that the spell cannot be cast again until he does so!)
   [1] Commune at a type of place for 4d6 turns.
   [2] Leave fitting offerings for the spirits there (per Referee).
   [3] Drum and dance at a type of place for 1d6 turns. Also have a 50% chance of hallucinating (as per the Confusion spell) for 3d6 turns afterwards.
   [4] Travel in astral form to the spirit world version of that place, which takes 1d6 turns but also causes 1d3 damage to one of the shaman's ability scores (determined at random).
   [5] Battle a being or endure a peril in the area for 2d6 rounds, taking 2d6 damage.
   [6] It is actually a Finnish god or goddess who must be placated. Roll 1d6 again twice to see what else has to be done to regain the spell. Additional results of ‘6’ should then be rolled thrice, etc.

12-16. A spirit possesses the shaman or a nearby person, animal, or object. Though the one possessed will now benefit from special bonuses, the shaman must also save vs. spell to resist acting in a way that the spirit would promote- whether from direct influence of the spirit or by whomever or whatever it is possessing. What is more, the one possessed also experiences any of the restrictions the spirit might have (see Volume II).

First, roll 1d6 to see who or what is possessed. Note that even if the shaman is not himself possessed, the affected individual or object will stay with the shaman for the duration, attempting to affect his actions.
            [1-2] The shaman
            [3] The closest person in a random direction
            [4] The closest animal in a random direction
            [5] The closest object (including plant life) in a random direction
            [6] A random possession that the shaman is carrying

Then roll 1d8 to determine the type of possessing spirit and commensurate benefits the host receives:
            [1] Ancestral: gain the 1st level abilities of a random character class
            [2] Angelic: gain +4 to AC, saves, and rolls made against evil beings
            [3] Demonic: gain +2 to saves, “to hit” rolls, and damage
            [4] Elemental: gain immunity to harm from the element and +2 to damage
            [5] Fey: may reroll saves, initiative, and casting rolls once per round, but must keep 2nd result
            [6] Nature: gain +1 to all rolls made outdoors and the ability to cast a 1st level druid spell
            [7] Totemic: gain +4 to one ability score that matches the type of totem and also +10’ speed
            [8] Undead: gain +2 to AC, saves, and hit points unless in direct sunlight

This arrangement lasts for 1d6 rounds the first time this test occurs, 1d6 minutes the second, 1d6 turns the third, 1d6 hours the fourth, etc. Note that Fair Maidens usually don’t possess people or objects that aren’t already hot women.

17+ The shaman slips into the spirit world to undergo a journey and even seek out the Sampo. He is gone for one day per Divine Test result over 16. Those with the ability to travel to Otherworlds may attempt to find him before then (a base 10% chance of success per caster level). Otherwise, he takes 2d12 hit points of damage and gains 1% bonus experience for each day he’s gone; that is, if he survives!

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