Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Div Cul for S&W is not a POD Dream!

I know the title says it all, but I figured I should explain anyway: the Divinities & Cults for Swords & Wizardry version has been available in Portable Document Format (Div Cul for S&W PDF) for a few weeks now.... Don't forget to order your copy!

And for those with a Print Obsession (like me), we're still working on the proofs for the Print-on-Demand version (Div Cul for S&W POD) to make sure that it's Truly As Wonderful As Possible for Our Beloved Readers (TAWAP for OBR).  

Fear not though!  It should be available soon!

Meanwhile, we (that is, Dan Osarchuk, himself, and he) are still working on getting Quiet Upon Shenbyrg's Dawning (novel #2) out to Amazon (Kindle and Print), as well as developing Div Cul Vol.II....