Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Lords of Blessings & Curses, Part II

Additional Blessing & Curse Results
Whether via divine test or the Bestow Blessing & Curse spell, divinities and cults can make their pleasure (and displeasure) known.

Specifically for the Blessing & Curse spell, once what occurs has been determined and if the Magical Side-Effect allows (see Part I), the caster can then select what specifics happen. He may experience unique effects via his lord too if a result of 'other' occurs. See below.

Using a Higher Level Spell
As mentioned before, the spell's level can be increased beyond 1st no matter what the initial result of the Blessing & Curse spell is. Doing so can boost its range, allow additional effects to occur, allow more individuals to be affected, or increase the duration of the effects. With the Referee's permission, a prepared higher level spell can then be considered expended instead when Bestow Blessing & Curse is cast to cause a higher level effect. Even in these cases, Bestow Blessing & Curse would still be prepared as a 1st level spell.

Other Angelic Blessings & Curses
Remove an injury or other malady from the one so affected, including countering the effects of other types of lords of equivalent level.

Range, the number of people affected, or the number of injuries or other maladies removed can be compounded for every level the spell increases. Angelic blessings are generally instant and don't have durations.

For example, removing a wound (no matter how many hit points of damage it had caused), a disease, or even a fear effect would count as a 1st level spell.

Other Fey Blessings & Curses
Per another at random, whether (roll 1d4): [1] Angelic, [2] Elemental, [3] Demonic, or [4] Devilish, but is whimsical, emphasizing wonder, pleasure, and/or beauty rather than any rigid order or particular suffering.

Range, the number affected, the number of effects that occur, or duration can be compounded for every level the spell increases. Fey versions of Angelic blessings have limited durations.

For example, entrapping another (like a Devilish blessing) for twice the usual duration would count as a 2nd level spell, though since its fey, the entrapment would seem quite pleasant.

Other Elemental Blessings & Curses
Increase or decrease the specific element or its opposite, causing 1d4 damage or reducing the same. Can counteract the effects of non-elemental Lords of equal level too.

Range, the number affected, the number of affects that occur, or duration can be compounded for every level the spell increases. 

For example, causing or reducing 3d4 damage from fire or cold, or even counteracting a 3rd level blessing from another lord would count as a 3rd level spell.

Other Demonic Blessings & Curses
Bless with a mutation, granting, improving, or reducing certain abilities as a result. Use your favorite table or roll on both tables below (Deformation & Instigation) to see what the blessings are.

Range, the number affected, the number of blessings that occur, or duration can be compounded for every level the spell increases. Tripled durations of mutations instead last until dispelled, removed as a disease or curse, or chopped off.

For example, granting 4 demonic blessings to 1 individual or 1 demonic blessing to 4 individuals in range would be a 4th level spell. Granting a permanent one at double range would too.

1. Head (d10)
   1. Whole
   2. Hair
   3. Forehead
   4. Eyes (one or both)
   5. Ears (one or both)
   6. Nose
   7/ Mouth & Teeth
   8. Tongue
   9. Chin
  10. Neck

2. Torso (d4)
   1. Whole
   2. Chest
   3. Back
   4. Stomach

3. Arms (d6)
  1. Whole (one or both)
  2. Biceps (one or both)
  3. Elbows (one or both)
  4. Forearms (one or both)
  5. Hands (one or both)
  6. Fingers (one or multiple)

4. Lower Body (d8)
  1. Whole
  2. Thighs (one or both)
  3. Genitals
  4. Rear End
  5. Knees (one or both)
  6. Calves (one or both)
  7. Feet (one or both)
  8. Toe (one or multiple)
1. Allows an extra attack for 1d4 damage every other round.
2. Adjusts speed by + or - 1d3 x 5'.
3. Grants a +1d8 bonus to sensory checks.
4. Acts as a modifier to a random ability score: + or - 1d3 to Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, or Charisma. Effective Charisma is often lowered for those who don't find the mutation appealing in any case.

For example, a mutation to the blessed's hands that reduced their Dexterity by 2 might manifest as some horrific rheumatism, while one that allowed an extra attack might create pincers, all belying the evil within.

Other Devilish Blessings & Curses
Entrap another, whether in a contract, place, conundrum, or some other form of prison.

Range, the number affected, or duration can be compounded for every level the spell increases. Usually, one effect at a time should be enough. Tripled durations of entrapments instead last until dispelled or removed as a curse by one not so affected or by finding a special way out oneself, per Referee.

For example, quintupling the range or number unable to leave a certain area would count as a 5th level spell. Making the spell permanent and increasing just two of its other aspects would too.

Next week: Lords of Blessings & Curses concludes with Blessing & Curse Tests, Divinities & Cults of Blessings & Curses and a Blessing & Curse Encounter!