Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hard Core Magic

Magic is sacrifice. How could it not be? The Gods demand a heavy price for such great power – one only the truly willing can afford. Who will pay it? Not any mere simpleton, otherwise Reality itself might become forfeit. No, it is only the truly capable that engage in such amazing acts: those not only with the ability, but those willing to give up everything. 

Most RPG's miss this important fact, making it easier to cast a spell than to hit someone with a sword or shoot them with a bow! One has to roll to hit a foe with a weapon, but a spell always works? Where is the fun in that? How is that magical?

Divinities and Cults offers an alternative. Though the roll is usually relatively easy, one must still be made to work magic. What is more, magic is dangerous! Something more and possibly unpleasant can unfold for those who are unlucky, arrogant, or who simply tried to push the Will of the Gods too far.

But then again, such is the sacrifice of magic. And each God and Goddess has his or her own price.