Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hospitaliers of the Shield Ghul

Detailed in the upcoming module, Wyrd Ways of Walstock, Hospitaliers are the crack enforcers of the Fell Cult of the Shield Ghul. Like paladins would for wholesome Divinities, the Hospitaliers serve the demonic Shield Ghul and its Ghul Physicians. The latter work their evil by forcing innocent townsfolk to wait unreasonable amounts of time, only to pay exorbitant sums of treasure, in order to receive simple healing! Those who can't (or won't) pay then face the ire of these twisted knights.

Not only are the Hospitaliers well-clad in armor and skilled with weapon and shield, but they also possess terrifying syringe-lances. Unlike the lances of normal knights and paladins though, these fiendish things are designed to exsanguinate their victims! Such is the greed of the Shield Ghul, that if won't receive its sacrifice in coin, then it will take its sacrifice in blood and vital humors! Woe be unto those who fall victim to such a fate.

No. Enc.: 1d6; Align: C; AC 2; HD: 3; Attk: 1; Dmg: by syringe lance or weapon; Mve: 30’; SP: those hit by syringe lance must Save or take 1d6 Constitution damage due to exsanguination ; Sve: F3; Mor: 9