Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Clerics of Ares, Part I

Chaotic God of War, Violence, and Bloodshed

Tenets of Ares
* Wage war, winning by any means necessary
* Revel in violence
* Shed blood freely
* Return either with your shield or upon it

Clerics of Ares
Special: Ares is served by clerics and fighter-clerics who are almost always male.
Allowed Weapons: Spear, short sword, dagger, mace, javelin, short bow
Allowed Armor: Any, or just a helm and shield
Holy Symbol: Spear, Sword, Helm, Shield, Dog, Vulture
Can Turn: Pacifists, those who are unarmed
Mysteries of Ares: Clerics of Ares can gain a +3 bonus to one of their weapon damage rolls, up to once per day per level.

Magical Side-Effects
The brutality and fear of warfare comes easily to Ares and so too his magic. Roll 1d12.

1. By the Hysminai: The spell must aid those intent on violence and/or cause direct damage itself, otherwise it will not function. Still, a sacrifice worth 1d6 gold pieces per spell level will do instead, preferably one of war or a dog.

2. Phobos Near: Son of Ares, fear accompanies this spell. The target must save vs. death or suffer a -2 to all rolls for the next 2d3 rounds.

3. Call of Eris: If beneficial, then the spell’s recipient goes into a murderous rage for 1d3 rounds, attacking anyone he or she encounters during that time. If not, then it is the cleric who is so affected, though he likely won’t mind the strife he causes.

4. Battle’s Din: Unless cast in a place where blood has recently been spilled in combat (up to 1d6 rounds ago), the spell only has 1/2 its normal power. Ares’s cleric would therefore do well to make sure such violence occurs often!

5. Mark of the Spartan: If the magic is meant to be helpful, then the recipient must be armed for it to work. ‘Tis the killing way.

6-8. Standard Magic: The spell occurs without side-effect this time.

9. Roar of Deimos: Ares’s other son grants the spell a 50% bonus to its effect, range, or duration, but also causes terror in all within 120’. Those who fail to save vs. spell must flee the area for 1d3 rounds.

10. Tithe to Enyo: If the cleric attacks the next remotely worthy opponent he sees, then the spell’s effect, range, or duration can gain a 50% bonus. Such warfare pleases Ares’s sister-wife.

11. Thrust of Power: The magic occurs for double the effect, range, or duration, but only if the cleric stabs the spell’s target with a sword or spear soonafter, or does unto a partner with his own.

12. Blessing of War: Ares forces the magic to have twice its effect, range, or duration, plus it is not expended and can be cast again that day. Also, if it’s meant to benefit the target, he improves their rolls to hit by 2 for the next 1d6 hours as long as they fight aggressively.

DCC RPG Conversion notes:
Fighter-clerics= Warriors who reduce their deed die by 2 in return for being able to cast 1 cleric spell per level
Can turn= Unholy creatures
Save vs. death= make a Will save DC 10
Save vs. spell= make a Will save DC 15
Spell not expended that day= +2 bonus to its spell check
Rolls to hit= attack rolls

Next week: clerics of Ares, Part II!