Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Priestess of Lada, Part I

Neutral Slavic Goddess of Love and Summer

Tenets of Lada
* Be beautiful
* Find a good man, your Lado, to be with
* Enjoy the sun, water, and fields together
* Be fertile and loving
* Make him feel fine, so he returns it throughout time

Priestesses of Lada
Special: Lada is served by priestesses and volkhvas (slavic oracular priestesses). Priests serve Lado, teaching men how to find a reasonably good woman at least.
Allowed Weapons: None
Allowed Armor: None
Symbol: Sun, Water, Crops, Fields
Can Turn: None
Ladan Mysteries: When in the sun, near waters, in a field, amongst crops, or with their love during summertime, priestesses of Lada can reroll a failed save. And though they may only do so up to thrice per day per level, they pick which result they wish to keep.

Next week: Priestesses of Lada, Part II!