Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Clerics of Ilmarinen, Part V

Ilmarinen Encounters 
The items we would hold may hold us even more.

Roll 1d12
1. A killer is on the loose. As the bodies begin to pile up, those who investigate find that the culprit is a/an (roll 1d6): [1] random party member, [2] bitter peasant, [3] old hermit, [4] fallen priest of Ilmatar, [5] Pohjolan (evil northerner) swordsman, [6] terrifying sentient item. Marked as being Chaotic Murderous, the killer bears (or is) a (roll 1d4): [1] crossbow, [2] knife, [3] axe, or [4] garrote, made of copper and gold. 

2. Trouble is about. With all the arguing going on (all in the area must save vs. death or grow antagonistic), the wise will realize that it is someone (or something) Chaotic Quarrelsome at work. Indeed, it is a [1] milk maid, [2] sauna operator, [3] marsh spirit, [4] belligerent warrior, [5] hiisi (Finnish ogre) suffering from indigestion, [6] insidious sentient item. The quarrelsome one holds (or is) a golden and copper (roll 1d4): 
[1] canoe, [2] mocking (rocking) horse, [3] shield, [4] pair of shoes. 

3. What did you call me?! A fight has broken out between two Finns. They are (roll 1d6 for both) a: [1] mouthy youth, [2] well-proportioned wife, [3] pastry merchant, [4] irritated miser, [5] tietaja (Finnish shamanic wizard) in training, or [6] drunken veteran and bears an iron and gold, Chaotic Ill-Tempered (roll 1d4): [1] cow, [2] goblet, [3] belt, [4] helmet. 

4. Terrible news, an unlucky party member is insulted right to his or her face. The aggressor, a (roll 1d6): 
[1] well-armed noble, [2] priestess of Loviatar, [3] pet dog, [4] angry brother, [5] pekko (hairy Finnish goblin) who's far out of its league, or [6] barley farmer, does indeed have a Chaotic Ill-Mannered item on his or her person. Made of gold, copper, and silver, it is a (roll 1d4): [1] plow, [2] necklace, [3] spoon, [4] sword. 

5. An odd feeling befalls a (roll 1d6): [1] random party member, [2] turnip farmer, [3] forest spirit, [4] river boatman, [5] Pohjolan wolf, [6] talented smith. Thanks to a Neutral Cold-Breath of Sorrow or Haltja-Gift (equal chance of either), a gold and silver (roll 1d4): [1] woman, [2] sea gull, [3] brazier, or [4] pair of undergarments, is to blame. 

6. Would you look at that! Not only is the bearer durable and well-shaped, but the item they hold is no less the same. A (roll 1d6): [1] tied steed, [2] stately oak, [3] well-dressed guard, [4] priestess of Mielikki, 
[5] manly lumberjack, or [6] striking serving woman carries a Lawful Well-Wrought (roll 1d4): [1] brocade, 
[2] pair of boots, [3] shield, or [4] hammer, made of iron and copper- both quite worthy and difficult to break

7. A faithful cleric of Ilmarinen does battle with a group of 2d4 insidious Pohjolans (evil northerners). He pulls out a silver and iron (roll 1d4): [1] holy symbol, [2] vial of holy water, [3] sacred hammer, or [4] metal box. The foul creatures knock it from his hand, but no matter: the random Ilmarinen spell it has can be used with a 75% chance again.

8. So much to do, such little time. The only solution is one of Lawful Utilitarianism, an item of iron and gold, a (roll 1d4): [1] canoe, [2] kantele (Finnish harp), [3] spear, [4] metal rake. A tietaja of Ilmarinen knows its location (for he wrought it too). And though he can't quite remember what 2 extra spells it is imbued with, he does know where it is and one corrupted by Chaos guards it- roll 1d4 on this table again to determine what type and who it is. 

9. And who can turn down something akin to the Sampo? Not only is the item Well-Wrought, Faithful, Utilitarian, and Many-Faceted, it can be had by one who provides a (roll 1d6): [1] swan feather, [2] barley corn, [3] wool ball, [4] milk drop, [5[ shaft of wood, [6] reroll twice. Those interested have 1d10 turns to do so, giving it to a/an (roll 1d12): [1-3] devout follower of Ilmarinen, [4-8] cleric of Ilmarinen, [9-11] tietaja of Ilmarinen, or [12] avatar of Ilmarinen, in order to receive the item of iron, copper, silver, and gold. 

10-12. Reroll 1d10 on this table, but the item is actually (roll 1d4): [1] unattended and ripe for the taking, 
[2] for sale- a base 50% chance of the seller knowing the item's true nature; a base 1% chance of him actually telling the purchasers if he does, [3] desired by a cult of Louhi, who will take it by force once identified, [4] sentient, compelling the person to behave the way listed in 1d10 result way. If already sentient, then the item will be animate too, egging them on loudly. What is more, for all these results, the item has a base 75% chance of still holding a random Ilmarinen spell too, if it doesn't have at least one already.

DCC RPG Conversion Notes
Save vs. death= make a Will save DC 10.

Next week: priestesses of Ilmatar!