Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Druids of Bran, Part III

What size may show, justness and cunning help to keep in sight.

Divine Tests
1-8. The power of Bran gives his druid pause, causing him to lose access to some of his spells (50% chance for each one). Either roll 1d6 or select to see what he needs to do to get each one back based on which aspect fits best. 
[1] Correct a wrong. (the Just)
[2] Be greatly hospitable to another. (the Just)
[3] Defeat a worthy opponent (one with an equal or greater STR score or HD) in a contest of wrestling. (the Giant)
[4] Use one's size and strength to perform labor for 1 hour. (the Giant)
[5] Punish terribly one who has failed to give the druid the proper respect. (the Clever)
[6] Outsmart a worthy opponent (one with an equal or greater INT score). (the Clever)

9-16. The druid is changed forevermore. Select the most fitting or roll 1d4.
[1] Receive a new, potential ally, but must make a WIS check (DC 15) every 1d12 days or the situation with them turns sour and may possibly even lead to war. (the Just)
[2] Gain 
5' in height and a +4 bonus to Strength and Constitution, along with a -8 penalty to hiding, being quiet, avoiding being targeted, fitting into smaller areas, and the like. These modifiers stack every time this test occurs and with the use of the similar mystery of Bran. (the Giant)
[3] Can notice hidden individuals and things more easily, gaining a +6 bonus to spot them, though he must now always save vs. death/ make a Will save DC 10 to not try to kill one who has failed to give him the proper respect. Every time this test is experienced, increase the bonus +6 and make the save DC 4 harder. (the Clever)
[4] Like with Bran's sister Branwen, the druid's own sister (or closest match), gains 1d3 Charisma, but an issue arises every 1d12 days, such as her wooing and/or later treatment by her suitors, requiring the druid to intervene. (any)

17+ War comes and the druid may fall. He is gone for 1 day per divine test result over 16 and has a base 30% + 10% per divine test result over 16 of dying (1 day gone and 40% chance of dying for result 17, 2 days gone and 50% chance of dying for result 18, etc.) On the other hand, if he does perish, then he has the same percent chance of leaving behind some boon for posterity. Select or roll 1d3. 
[1] His head remains animate and can be used as a divination device. (the Just)
[2] His body hardens into a useful bridge, rise, or load-bearing structure. (the Giant)
[3] He destroys the nearest enemy magic item or artifact. 
(the Clever)

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