Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Priestesses of Freo, Part III

Divine Tests
Love may not always be easily seen.

The Lady's affection is needed. The priestess must show it for the next 1d6 turns, 2d6 if none other is nearby to bestow it upon during that time. 

5-12. Such gentleness to be done. The priestess loses access to some of her spells (50% chance for each one). Roll 1d6 to see what she must do to get each one back, generally taking 1d6 turns at a time.
[1] Do something kind for another.
[2] Beautify herself.
[3] Compose a love poem.
[4] Support her man, or at least work towards finding him.
[5] Care for her children, or at least work to have them.
[6] Collect the proper herbs, consult the spirits, and/or make other magical preparations.

13-17. The blessings of Freo fill the priestess, adjusting her form from now on. Roll 1d4.
[1] Beauty: Gains 1 Charisma, but loses 1 to cause damage, being more akin to gentleness and providing succor than harm.
[2] Hyllanish I: Gains a +4 bonus to charm and win over others, but suffers the same in penalty to all rolls if she hasn't engaged in some loving act in the last 24 hours.
[3] Hyllanish II: Gains a +4 bonus to pleasing and comforting others, but suffers the same in penalty to all rolls if someone sees her exposed back in a non-loving way. The latter penalty will last until the next dawn.
[4] Ample Lady: Gains a +4 bonus to all lovemaking rolls, and to rolls to both birth and care for her children, but also suffers a -5' speed penalty due to her size.

18+ Things might seem grim, though love will always shine through. The priestess undergoes some trial, and for every divine test result over 18, the test's demands are compoundedStill, the priestess should take heart in knowing that the Lady is always with her, no matter what. Roll 1d3.
[1] Cannot use her magical abilities until 1d7 days pass, on the next Frígedæg.
[2] Is accused of dissoluteness, and must make three Charisma checks (DC 15) to convince her man, her children, and her people otherwise. If not, then she cannot call upon their aid until the situation is resolved.
[3] She must engage in a contest of love poems with her husband (or man with good potential to be him at least). She will be unable to use her powers until she wins a series of three Charisma checks. If she fails, then she may attempt them again the following day, showing that they'll love each other until the end of time. 

Anglo-Saxon nymphs who are known for being hidden.

- Entrancing s
pirits that can take physical form, as described in Volume IV, they often appear as beautiful women with either hollow backs or tails, when they choose to reveal themselves at all. 

- Associated with Freo and other loving Anglo-Saxon divinities, hyllan can be summoned by their followers via the Summon Spirit spell.

- For those who treat livestock well and live off the land 
wisely, hyllan will (roll 1d12): [1-2] provide love & succor, [3-5] assist in subtle ways, [6-9] observe carefully while remaining hidden, [10-12] flee, [13+] attempt to harm (with a dance, stealing livestock, or by abducting them).
*For those who don't, add 4 to the d12 roll.

- Hyllan can also use 1d6 of the following 12 spells at will (roll a d12 six times to generate them- duplicate rolls mean that a particular hyllan knows less spells. Nevertheless, they always know and can use Charm Person*.
1st Level: Cure Light Wounds (reversible), Allure*, Sleep*
2nd Level: Bless, Delay Poison, Amnesia* (can cause madness instead)
3rd Level: Cure Blindness (reversible if unclad), Cure Disease, Suggestion*
4th Level:  Create Food and Water, Cure Serious Wounds (reversible), Charm Monster*

- The Norse version is the huldra, which is detailed in Volume I, though those rules can be combined with these. Huldra are also somewhat more outgoing (this d12 roll can be used instead): [1-3] provide love & succor, [4-5] assist in subtle ways, [6-9] observe carefully while remaining hidden, [10-11] flee, 
[12+] attempt to harm them (with a dance, stealing livestock, or by abducting them).

Next week: priestesses of Freo, Part IV!