Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Freya Encounters, Part II

Temples (Hofs) of Freya

Form (d12)
1-3. Clearing
4-6. Horgr (stone shrine)
7-8. Hut
9-10. House
11-12. The Priestess's Body (quite portable, but in high demand)

Node (a Natural Place of Power, see Volume II)
- Chance of hof actually being located in one (25%)
- Chance of hof having one nearby instead (33%)

Sacred Space (d12)
The area will have a certain feel and theme to it.
1. Spreading love (Gef)
2. Enjoying all that life has to offer (Horn)
3. Mastering the arts of passion (Mardoll)
4. Mastering the arts of magic (Galdor)
5. Mastering the arts of battle (Hild)
6. Bringing beauty into your life (Skjalf)
7. Totem Animals: cats, falcons, or boar
8. Witchcraft/ shamanism (Seidr)
9-12. Reroll twice

Magical Special Properties (for all hofs)
At the Hof: Any Norse can gain a +1d3 bonus to any rolls that reflect its sacred space (per table above), up to 3 times per day. 
Sacred Times: During times sacred to Freya at the hof- full moons, sunrise, sunset, wildfires, Freyadays, holidays, or the like, all Norse spellcasters can reroll their magical side-effects, but must take the second result, up to 3 times per day. Those who specifically follow Freya can gain a +1d3 bonus to the roll, and even pick which results they wish to use. 

Special Temple (Hof) Guardians
Many might protect Freya's sacred places.

Valkyrie Shieldmaidens (mortal, non-classed Norse warrior women; 1d9, 50% chance)
MV 40’, AC 6; HD 1+1; Atk: 1 longsword or spear; Dmg: 1d8; SP: +2 to all rolls vs. 1 foe for 1 battle per day; SV: F1; AL N.

Animal Guardians (1d12, 33% chance)
Cats, falcons, or boars- they can serve a scouts, ones who alert, or even attack intruders.

Huldrar (Norse nymphs; 1d9, 25% chance)
MV 40’; AC 9 (0 vs. those who are attracted to them); HD 3; Atk (none); SP: allure, charm person, animal summoning, plane shift, alter self- all as level 7 clerics of Freya; save vs. spell or men who look upon them are blinded or slain, otherwise -4 to all INT rolls, plus other abilities by type: tree stride (Dryads), enlarge (Oreads), or breathe water (Naiads); SV: M9; AL N.

Landvaettir (Norse nature spirits; 1d9, 25% chance)
MV fly 50’; AC 6; HD 5; Atk naturalizing touch (1d4 INT dmg); SP bless, invisibility, incorporeal, immune to non-magical weapons; SV F5; AL N.

Valkyrie (actual Norse spirit warrior women; 1d9, 15% chance)
MV 50’ (faster when mounted); AC 1; HD 9+2; Atk: 1 longsword or spear; Dmg: 1d8+6 or 1d8+2; SP: Inspire heroism (+2 to all allied rolls), can also fly, plane shift, use healing magic as 1d12th level clerics of Freya, and Choose Slain: +5 to all rolls vs. 1 foe per battle; SV: F9; AL N.

See also Random Temple (Hof) Encounters in Volume I.

Map © John Godsland - licensed under CC BY 4.0
It is a horgr.
A node is nearby.
Its focus is: Bring beauty into your life (Skjalf).
At the hof: +2 to all rolls related to bringing beauty into your life.
Sacred times: 
sunset, full moons (see above).
(Each square = 5')

1. The Path: Approach along the wide, light track reveals a beautiful arrangement of stones, amongst the bucolic trees, fine air, and (likely) an even more beautiful priestess standing before it. There is also a gorgeous sense in the air that few could mistake. A full, enticing stream of warm, inviting, light waters ripples behind.

2. The Horgr: Here dwells Armod Hroaldottir (see Part I for her stats- link). Her bright red hair flows over her fair, curvaceous form. She will be kind and loving to most, though she has a depth that encourages at least some propriety. Those who have the wherewithal to take their eyes off her and examine the horgr itself will see that it is a captivatingly arranged pile of shale that glows almost golden at some angles in the light.

3. The Bank of Love & Beauty: Those who cross the warm, inviting, light stream to get here (which is strangely bereft of peril), will come to a very pleasant bank. Here invisibly dwells Isgerd Alfardottir, a huldra (see stats above). She will remain hidden unless any visitors are true appreciators of beauty, in which case she will reveal herself (blond-haired and exquisitely shaped) in order to show even more. Those who would defile the hof will be met with her wrath.

4. NodeThe air quickens at this place, even more so than at the horgr or the bank. A grove of picturesque elms grants healing to any who enter, restoring any health lost or damage with regards to beauty. Those who spend 1d6 turns here will be made whole again, at least physically, allowing such beauty of form to be restored.

Three landvaettir hide amongst the trees (see stats above), only becoming known if the node is disrupted or if properly implored for assistance.

Next week: Quests of Freya, in Part III!