Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Lords of Wards, Part III

Ward Divinities & Cults
Protective deities grant access to certain lords of wards.

Greek & Roman
Apollo: angelic & elemental fire
Athena / Minerva: angelic
Dionysus: fey & demonic
Hades / Dis Pater: devilish & elemental earth
Hephaestus / Vulcan: elemental fire & earth
Hecate: devilish, demonic, & fey
Hermes: angelic & fey
Hestia / Vesta: angelic
Zeus: angelic & elemental air

Norse & Anglo-Saxon
Heimdall: angelic
Freya / Freo: angelic, fey, & elemental fire
Jord / Eorde: angelic & elemental earth
Odin / Woden: any
Thor / Thunor: angelic & elemental air

Arawn: angelic & devilish
Arianrhod: elemental air & devilish
Bran: angelic & fey
Brigid: angelic, & elemental fire
Ceridwen: angelic & demonic
the Dagda: fey & elemental earth

Ilmatar: fey & elemental air
Louhi: devilish & demonic 
Mielikki: fey & elemental earth
Ukko: angelic & elemental air
Vainamoinen: any

Baba Yaga: devilish
Dazbog: fey & elemental fire
Mokosh: angelic & elemental earth & water
Morana: devilish, demonic, & elemental cold
Perun: angelic & elemental air & water
Svarog: angelic & elemental air & fire

Balor: demonic & devilish

Protection Might Not Be Enough
A Lords of Wards Encounter
Each square = 5'

One man is tired of all incursion, and has turned his small home into a fortress, or so he would hope. And though no angel himself, he has called upon a lord of angelic warding for help.

1. A simple cottage, the place has a feel of quiet serenity. Those who approach will find it more palpable, for they must save vs. spell/ make a Will save DC 15 to pass through its threshold if they are jerkish (of ill intent, especially if wanting to cause a disruption or sell something). This is a 3rd level static ward spell: Protection Against Jerkishness, 10' Radius.

2. Once within, the accommodations are revealed as one large room. At the near side is an elaborate carpet, table with various items on it, and some strange device pointed at the door. Anyone or anything that's messy will immediately begin to feel afraid, needing to save vs. spell/ make a Will save DC 15 or flee in fear. This is another 3rd level static ward spell: Protection Against Messiness, 10' Radius, cast with a Scare spell tied to affect any who enter it.
    The carpet covers a pit trap (save vs. paralysis/ make a Reflex save DC 15 or fall 10' for 1d6 damage. It blocks any who might move directly towards the strange device. 

    The table has candles, utensils, and other items deemed useful by the Referee.

    The strange device is the source of this location's ward. Destroying it will end the ward's effects early.

3. The far end of the room holds a bed upon which an aging man rests. It is atop a less ornate (and untrapped) carpet with a sitting chair facing it. A table and other, strangely shaped chairs are on the far wall with a back door nearby.
Likely now awake from any ruckus (despite his many wards), Brychan, one very faithful in Arawn, who will struggle between demanding that any interlopers leave and wondering how they got past all his clever wards in the first place. He hopes the final one that will cast on himself will do the trick: Protection from the Unhealthy. Those who would adversely affect his health (whether via disease or physical damage), must save vs. spell/ make a Will save DC 15 to do so for the next 15 rounds. He will meanwhile go to work with his cudgel if possible.

MV: 40’, AC 8, HD 5, HP: 20, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d4 (cudgel), SP: 5th level cleric of Arawn (link), angelic warding, SV: C5, Mor: 10, AL: N, Items: nightgown with imagery of Arawn on it, cudgel, holy symbol, 42 gps (the latter hidden under the mattress

Next week: our series continues with Lords of Food & Drink!