Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Clerics of Asclepius (part I)

Lawful God of Healing

Tenets of Asclepius
* Heal others whenever you can
* Maintain Asclepieia (healing temples)
* Respect snakes, especially the non-poisonous kind
* Never bring back the dead without divine permission!

Clerics of Asclepius
Special: Clerics of Asclepius are also referred to as priests and priestesses. They are talented healers, but usually avoid participating directly in battles themselves.
Allowed Weapons: Rod, staff, or club
Allowed Armor: None!
Holy Symbol: Rod Entwined with a Snake
Can Turn: Those who have cheated death: undead and resurrectees
Asclepian Mysteries: Clerics of Asclepius can gain a +4 bonus to all healing-related rolls, up to once per day per level, including to their d20 Casting Roll (if using that rule)

Look for more about clerics of Asclepius in upcoming blog posts!

Photo: Wikipedia