Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Clerics of Uni (Part III)

Image: public domain, though it may not be fit for the non-gaming public!

Universal Decree
Uni wishes to bring her cleric back onto the correct, Etruscan path.

Divine Tests
1-3. How to determine the Inscrutable Will of the Gods? The cleric must attempt to discern what it is that Uni and the others would have her do, interpreting omens for the next 2d6 turns.

4-8. The haruspex of Uni experiences a reduction in spells available (50% chance for each one) for the rest of the day. Roll 1d6 for each spell lost to determine what she needs to do in order to regain it before then: [1] Engage in a very libertine act (such as that which is pictured above or even have women recline at banquets with men, etc.), [2] Oversee proper rituals for the next 1d3 hours, [3] Consult an omen which takes 1d6 turns to complete, but then only has a 50% chance of returning the spell that day, [4] Make a sacrifice worth at least 2d20 gold pieces, [5] Befriend someone (successful Charisma check required), [6] Make a living sacrifice! (does anyone have a slave around?)

9-12. Uni is often worshipped as part of a triad (or unit) that varied from time to time. Consider this Test to be for one of the following Divinities instead (roll 1d4): [1] Juventas (Artemis), [2] Tinia (Zeus), [3] Juno (Hera), or [4] Menrva (Athena). All four are detailed in Divinities and Cults: Volume I, though the Referee should feel free to adjust any results to make them more ‘Etruscan’ (mystical, superstitious, and/or ritualistic).

13-16. It is time for a celebration! Dancing, music, scandalous action, good table manners, and so forth must occur. Such a party will require at least 2d6 participants (including the cleric), supplies costing at least 5d10 gold pieces, and lasts at least 2d6 (uninterrupted) hours, both for preparation and hosting. During that time, the haruspex can do nothing else. If she fails to do so or if the celebration isn’t successful (a base 50% chance), then she will be uninvited from being able to use any of her powers for the next 48 hours.

17+ The cleric receives a visit from one of the Etruscan mythological figures. She has a 10% chance per level of reading the omens right. If successful, then the cleric gains a +4 bonus to all rolls of a certain type for the next 2d4 days. If unsuccessful, then the cleric loses access to all her powers for the next 2d4 days and also takes 2d6 damage. The nature of the bonus and the cause of the damage depends on which figure comes to visit (roll 1d3):
            [1] Vegoia: bonus to lightning, liver, and water-related rolls; damage is caused by either (roll 1d3 again): lightning strike(!), exploding liver, or mild drowning
            [2] Tages: bonus to plowing, age, and communication-related rolls; damage is caused by wise-looking child attacking cleric with a plough
            [3] Herkle: bonus to adventuring, strength, and deification-related rolls; damage  is from bad suckling!

What is more, for every Universal Decree result over 17, decrease the chance of success by 1% per level and increase the damage for failing to read the omens right by 2d6!