Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Clerics of Fenrir (Part II)

Magical* Side-Effects (Fenrir)
The Fenris Curse allows the cleric to recover hit points by consuming his prey, but there are other, more versatile (and upsetting) methods for the Great Wolf to provide succor. Roll 1d12.

1. My, what big teeth you have... The spell's target is just too delicious to resist! The cleric gets a free bite attack on them with a +4 bonus to hit and damage (since they most likely weren’t expecting it) and then must keep biting them until the cleric is wounded. Even though the target won’t receive any benefit from the spell in this case, the cleric will at least gain some hit points if he ends up consuming them!

2-3. Bite makes right: Toughening the target of the spell up a bit, the cleric makes a bite attack for just 1d3 damage (even if of a higher level where he would cause more bite damage). Afterwards, the cleric doesn’t have to keep biting them (emphasis on ‘have to’) and they will receive the normal effects of the spell; that is, if they don’t try to bite him back!

4. This spell will charge you an arm... It’s no little nibble that Fenrir wants now, but have no fear: someone else can suffer in order for the spell to work. The cleric must bite a sacrificial victim for 4 hit points per level of the spell. He should make sure not to let the followers of Tyr know if he actually does take off an arm though.

5-8. No Side-Effect: Apart the impending sense of wolfish dread, the magic works normally this time. 

9-10. I’ll huff, and I’ll puff. Have you consumed the sun? Eaten the moon? Blown down a house made of straw? Only if the cleric has caused some wanton destruction within the last 1d4 hours will the magic work, and with a 50% bonus to its range, effect, or duration.

11-12. Death-Howl of Fenrir: The magic works for double its usual range, effect, or duration. What is more, the cleric also gains a +1 bonus to hit and damage rolls when in melee for the next 1d6 turns, though he must also save vs. Death/ make a Will save DC 10 or begin devouring any fallen foes (see Fenris Curse)!

Next week: Clerics of Fenrir (Part III)!