Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Cleric Encounters: Ereshkigal

3rd in the series on ways to incorporate the followers of various gods and goddesses from the upcoming Divinities and Cults: Volume III into your campaign, we have Ereshkigal: Mesopotamian goddess of the great earth, life, & death.

Ereshkigal Encounters

1. The party hears word of a new queen in the land. She invariably has a dark personality and is also (roll 1d6): [1] a widower, [2] a stepmother, [3] rumored to be a witch, [4] quite rubenesque, [5] an Avatar of Ereshkigal, [6] reroll twice

2. A random member of the party feels the need to begin shedding his or her garments as Ishtar did when visiting Ereshkigal. The effect lasts for 10 rounds and he or she must save vs. spell each round or strip off a garment. At the end, there is a 10% chance of a priestess of Ereshkigal arriving per item removed.

3.  Suddenly, 1d6 undead emerge with equal HD to the party members. They attack and the party will earn the goodwill of the next follower of Ereshkigal they meet; that is, if they stand, fight, and survive.

4. A woman is crying at a grave. She then (roll 1d4): [1] continues to cry, [2] points to a random male in the party who must save vs. death or die, [3] wishes to enjoy some pleasures, [4] all of the above. There’s a 33% chance of her being a ghost. Otherwise, she’s just some deadly chick blessed by Ereshkigal.

5. The skies grow especially cloudy and grim, making all those who don’t follow Ereshkigal or another underworld deity suffer a -2 to all rolls until they see some clarity.

6. A random lucky party member stumbles across some remains. They are (roll 1d6): [1] unknown human, [2] known human, [3-4] animal, [5] monstrous, [6] indeterminate. And he or she finds them by (roll 1d6): [1] spotting them, [2] smelling something, [3] noticing carrion-eaters, [4] stepping on them, 
[5] falling onto them, [6] finding them in a pouch or container.

7. Two people are wrestling in the mud in an effort to bring them closer to the great earth goddess. They, and anyone who stays to watch, have an equal chance of either gaining a new beginning or an ending (per Referee). The wrestlers also have a 75% chance of being hot women and a 50% chance of being witches of Ereshkigal.

8. Plague has befallen the land. All who are infected suffer from near death experiences, whether they survive or not- by making two successful CON checks in a row. Those who lie with the local priestess of Ereshkigal are immune.

9. The party stumbles upon a striking image of Ereshkigal. Taking offense, her (former) husband Gugalanna crushes any who find it attractive for 3d6 damage.

10. A strange chalice is uncovered. It is actually sacred to Ereshkigal. Those who drink from it can use her Mysteries once that day, but woe onto those who defy any of her tenets while doing so.

11. The party member with the highest Wisdom score has a vivid dream of earthy Ereshkigal. Though he or she gains the ability to cast one of her first level spells at will the following day, the dreamer also triggers one of Ereshkigal’s divine tests.

12. 2d3 strange, intersex demons blink into existence, intent on dragging the party to Irkalla (the Mesopotamian Underworld). They are gallu and the party better hope they have some lamb available!

Sample 3rd Level Cleric of Ereshkigal
Align: N
MV: 40’
AC: 8
HD: 3
Atk: 1
Dmg: 1d6 (mace) or 1d4 (dagger)
SP: Ereshkigal turn ability, mysteries
Spells prepared: Cure Light Wounds, Light (reverse), Shield*, Sleep*
Augury, Levitate*, Invisibility*
SV: C3
Mor: 9
Possessions:  Robes, holy symbol, mace, dagger, chalice, book of depressing poetry, 31 gold pieces

Next week- Cleric Encounters: Ishtar!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cleric Encounters: Enlil

We continue our series on ways to incorporate the followers of various gods and goddesses from the upcoming Divinities and Cults: Volume III into your campaign.  Here is Enlil, Mesopotamian god of air, storms, & rulership.

Enlil Encounters
1. The party finds a statue of a kingly-looking god. If they care for it, then they will earn Enlil’s favor. If not, then they will earn his wrath!

2.  A group of men are chopping down trees, led by a cleric of Enlil. He will either (roll 1d4): [1] insist the party helps with the chopping, [2] ask for assistance driving off some wild men who are interfering, [3] provide a concubine for his god (via him), [4] all of the above. What is more, if the party isn’t helpful, then he will direct his men to have one of the trees fall on them instead for 4d6 damage.

3. An argument can be heard up ahead. It is an attractive slave talking back to her master, who then whips her. The party may decide to intervene, but slavery is legal in the land where they are and the slave is pretty mouthy.

4. The wind kicks up suddenly, turning into a storm. It lasts for 3d6 turns, causing a -5 to all rolls to those caught in it, blowing away any light or unsecured objects, as well as having a base 30% chance of knocking over any less-than-solid structures nearby.

5. The party spots a man who is staring at a flying creature. Further investigation will show that the fellow’s name is Hawk and he’s trying to use his magic string to help tame a winged wolf that’s hovering in the air.

6. The sky immediately grows very clear and imperious. Those who don’t follow any specific gods or goddesses (or whose players haven’t purchased one or more of the Divinities and Cults books yet) must save vs. death or undergo one of Enlil’s divine tests. Those who do (or have made such wise purchases) are spared.

7. A small mountain appears in the distance. It actually turns out to be a ziggurat! Does the party investigate further?

8. An unlucky party member feels that he is all out of love and so lost for the next 1d6 hours. Devout followers of Enlil will wish to cut off the sad sap’s air supply.

9. The loudest member of the party is suddenly knocked back, either by a Jarring Hand or Wind Missile spell. The attacker is a priest of Enlil who only wanted the noise to stop.

10. The most attractive female party member (or woman the party has met if they have no female members) is picked to be Enlil’s newest concubine. One of his avatars will jump out and surprise the lucky gal with the great news within 2d6 rounds.

11. The party stumbles across an Enlil prayer group. If not faithful followers of Enlil themselves, then the party will be chastised!

12. Tidings of war can be seen: Mesopotamian warriors and chariots on the march to conquer a rival city-state. Those who don’t follow Enlil should tremble in fear! Those who do should get ready for battle!

Sample 2nd Level Cleric of Enlil
Align: L
MV: 40’
AC: 5
HD: 2
Atk: 1
Dmg: 1d6 (mattock) or staff (1d6)
SP: Enlil turn ability, mysteries
Spells prepared: Command, Cure Light Wounds, Remove Fear (reverse), Wind Missile*
SV: C2
Mor: 10
Possessions: Scale mail armor, horned helm, holy symbol, mattock, staff, 12 gold pieces

Next week- Cleric Encounters: Ereshkigal!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cleric Encounters: Enki

We begin a new series on ways to incorporate the followers of various gods and goddesses from the upcoming Divinities and Cults: Volume III into your campaign.  Here is Enki, Mesopotamian god of deep water, magic, fertility, & creation.

Enki Encounters 
Roll 1d12
1. The party stumbles across an abzu (area of deep water). 1d8 followers of Enki are sure to be present or arrive within 1d20 rounds (equal chance of each). They are 75% likely to be cheerful too.

2. A cleric of Enki takes an interest in a fertile female character. He will either (roll 1d4): [1] attempt to charm her at his earliest opportunity, [2] cast a life missile at her in order to conceive his next child, 
[3] prepare her to be a concubine of his god, [4] all of the above

3. A follower of Enki has become quite intoxicated and starts giving away valuable items. Will the party accept them or put a stop to it? Whatever happens, he has a base 50% chance of remembering the following day and will seek to get them back.

4. A fisherman works at an especially fertile pond. He will assist the party in any way he can, also having a base 5% chance of actually being an Avatar of Enki.

5. The party keeps encountering dead sailors and river men. They may wish to uncover the reason why they seem to turn up everywhere. To do so, they will have to confer with one of the following to help find the answer (roll 1d3):  [1] a wise duck, [2] a sweet witch, [3] a dour cleric of Enki with 1d4 ex-wives

6. A random party member has apparently sinned against Enki and now has an albatross hung around his or her neck. All the others are then diced off for (saving vs. death) or apparently die. The situation lasts until the one with the albatross shows a great appreciation of water life (per Referee).

7. Stranded with two beautiful women, a captain, a mate, an older married couple, and an inventive priest of Enki, the party must uncover a way to escape, balancing the priest’s love for water with his love for civilization.

8. A number of robberies have been occurring lately with the perpetrators being masked like former leaders of the land. The party may uncover that it is actually a group of Enki worshipping swimmers who mean well by what they’ve been doing, but have begun to become increasingly violent, crossed the line, and have to go down.

9. The area quickly becomes flooded. It is most likely water, though there’s a 10% chance of it being another type of life fluid.

10. The party stumbles upon a cleric of Enki who is hard at work. He is building a massive reed arc. If questioned, he claims that Enki told him a massive flood is coming and needs help stocking it. There’s a 50% chance that he insists one lucky party member needs to board it too in order to preserve their genetic stock for future generations.

11. A debate (i.e. argument) between a follower of Enki and a follower of Poseidon is ensuing over whether fresh or salt water is better. The party just might be foolish enough to get in the middle of it. No matter what they choose to do, things will likely turn brackish.

12. In a strange twist of happenstance, the party encounters a mystic of Enki in the process of fathering a child with a very mountainous woman. Each member will be overwhelmed with a feeling of (roll 1d4): [1] peaceful serenity, [2] universal insight, [3] embarrassment, or [4] attraction to the woman the mystic is with

Sample 1st Level Cleric of Enki
Align: N
MV: 40’
AC: 7
HD: 1
Atk: 1
Dmg: 1d6 (staff), 1d4 (dagger), or dart (1d3)
SP: Enki turn ability, mysteries
Spells prepared: Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Life Missile*
SV: C1
Mor: 10
Possessions:  Reed armor, reed hat, holy symbol, staff, dagger, darts, 22 silver pieces

Next week: Cleric Encounters, Enlil!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Divinities & Cults: Volume III, Preview #2

Not only does it have lots of information on Mesopotamian and Egyptian divinities, but Divinities and Cults: Volume III has tables and monsters galore.

Random Encounter Tables include: Afterlife, Apsu (Deep Water), Desert, Inn, Pyramid, Tomb, and Ziggurat.

And new monsters include: Ammit, Anzu, Bull man (Kusarikku), Dog man (Uridimmu), Enkidu,
Galla Demon, Humbaba, Fish man (Kulullu), Bull Lammasu, Lion man (Ugallu), Kur, Egyptian Mummy, Phoenix (Bennu), Scorpion man (Girtablilu), Sirrush, and Egyptian Sphinx.

Check out the sample above for two of the monsters included plus the spell list and avatar stats for Tiamat, the mother of many monsters.

Not only that, but there are also lots of optional rules and sidebars included in the book- everything from fighter types to different magical approaches to the layout of various temples!

Stay tuned to for further updates. Volume III for Labyrinth Lord should be ready in PDF sometime in the next few weeks.

Next week: we begin a series of random encounter tables by divinity, starting with the gods and goddesses in Volume III. It should further whet your appetite.