Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Summary of Updates to Volume I

 Apart from converting healing side-effects to magical side-effects (detailed here), I've made a number of other improvements to the Divinities & Cults: Volume I versions.

1. Fixed a bunch of typos and grammatical issues, including dreaded comma usage (or non-usage).

2. Shortened and clarified a number of sections while maintaining the best parts.

3. For rules where casting rolls are mentioned, made it more clear that they are optional (for the Labyrinth Lord version; DCC RPG always has spell checks) by referring to modifiers as ‘spell rolls’ rather than casting rolls. This way, those who don’t wish to use casting rolls can simply add the value to another roll for the spell.

4. Included extra art and improved formatting for the DCC RPG version (Labyrinth Lord already got most of these in previous revisions).

5. Divine Tests that take away spells now (in most cases) don’t let them automatically return the next day. In playtesting earlier this year, this change was found to be more fun since it compels cleric characters to engage in certain activities deemed appropriate by their divinity, rather than just wait until the next day.

6. Revised a few spell lists, especially to bring the Labyrinth Lord and DCC RPG ones closer together (though they’re still different).

7. Making both versions available in print-on-demand. Until now, the Swords & Wizardry version was the only way to get Volume I in print. Now it should be available soon for both Labyrinth Lord & DCC RPG once they have been converted...

In any case, those who’ve already purchased their pdf’s of Volume I should get the updated versions for free on Drivethru RPG and the like when they're available, which should be sometime in the next week or so.

Next week: we return to cleric encounters, with Horus!