Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Clerics of Mielikki, Part I

Neutral Finnish Goddess of the Forest, Hunting, & Succor

Tenets of Mielikki
* Be one with the forest
* Live simply, respect Nature
* Hunt only what you need
* Care for animals & the innocent

Clerics of Mielikki
Special: Mielikki is served by clerics, druids (see Volume II), & tietaja (Finnish shamanic wizards).
Allowed Weapons: Bow, sword, spear, knife
Allowed Armor: Leather or lighter
Symbols: Tree, Bear, Stag
Can Turn: Those who work against nature. If not known: humans- base 50% chance, evil humanoids or undead- base 75% chance, all others- base 25% chance.
Mysteries of Mielikki: Animals and forest denizens generally don't attack clerics of Mielikki. If one's wicked or somehow compelled to, then a cleric of Mielikki can choose to have it stop attacking her, up to once per day per level. 

Next week: Clerics of Mielikki, Part II!