Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Diviners of Ghul-Ghul, Part I

Chaotic Demon Lord of Dire Divination

Cult Edicts of Ghul-Ghul
* Do no evil (and we determine what that is)
* Provide divination freely (to fix the results)
* Provide divination easily (so we can use it to control the diviners)

Diviners of Ghul-Ghul
Special: Ghul-Ghul is accessed by diviners, which can be those of any spellcasting class. Some are faithful cultists, while others are followers of other divinities or cults who (foolishly) tap the demon lord's magics in order to gain more detailed lore more quickly. A number of dark philosophers (link) also honor Ghul-Ghul, using their powers of rebuke to stifle any diviners who might use less insidious methods. 
Allowed Weapons: Dagger, mace, staff, whip
Allowed Armor: Padded armor and shield or lighter
Unholy Symbols: Ghul-Ghuls, Twin G's or Other Letters in Childish Colors, The Interwebs Crawler (Ghul-Ghul's unholy symbols are known as Ghul-Ghul boxes.)
Can Turn: Any who have accessed the Mysteries of Ghul-Ghul before (if not known, a base 50% chance depending on if Ghul-Ghul has been active in the area).
Mysteries of Ghul-Ghul: Just as any spellcaster may access Ghul-Ghul's magic, they may also access Ghul-Ghul's mysteries. All it requires is providing Ghul-Ghul with their true name and any other personal information so it knows all that they're doing all the time for eternity. In return, their ability to cast divination spells counts as 1 level higher, including both spell access and potency. The faithful of Ghul-Ghul happily make this pact, as well as the na├»ve, mad, and desperate who follow other patrons. 

Next week: Diviners of Ghul-Ghul, Part II!