Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Moneychangers of Geedeepee, Part IV

Skilled at conjuring apparent wealth, holding it, and duping others, moneychangers must recruit the forces of other Fell Lords if they wish to work different magics. Such are the devilish ways of Geedeeoee, and such cleverness will come at a cost (1d10 gold pieces per spell level cast)Moneychangers who fail to pay up in these cases (or somehow otherwise foul the spell) will incur the wrath of that Fell Lord via a divine test with a +4 modifier, especially if they use Golden Promises as payment.

For example, if a moneychanger were to cast Command, then he'd only have to roll for Geedeepee's magical side-effects. If he wanted to cast Cure Light Wounds though, he'd also have to pay an additional 1d10 gold pieces to do so since the magic for that spell would be sourced out to the Arch-Devil of Ill-Healing, Tyranny, Waiting, & Cost. He'd also roll on the Shield Ghul's test table if he rolled a one on his casting roll or otherwise provoked a test, and that test would be more difficult than normal.

1st Level: Command, Cure Light Wounds (via the Shield Ghul), Protection from Evil (via Beliah), Remove Fear (reversed, via Tezschnaz), Sanctuary (if at a market or place where wealth is stored), Charm Person* (with regards to money matters, for all others, via Unharmonia), Floating Disk* (via Enak), Hold Portal*, Identify*, Jarring Hand* (via Balor), Mending*, Message*, Read Languages* (via Ghul-Ghul), Shield* (via Enak)

2nd Level: Augury (with regards to financial issues), Bless (reversible, via Maelfo), Hold Person (via Orcus), Reveal Charm, Spiritual Weapon (wielded by a phantom bodyguard, via Thrym), Amnesia*, Arcane Lock*, Auditory Illusion*, Detect Invisible* (via Nergal), False Gold* (up to 100 gold pieces in Golden Promises can be created out of nothing per caster level), Invisibility* (via Maelfo), Knock*, Locate Object*, Magic Mouth*, Mirror Image (via Set), Rope Trick* 

3rd Level: Animate Dead (via R'ti), Cure Blindness/Disease (via the Shield Ghul), Glyph of Warding, Haste* (if recipient will be shopping or barreling over others to grab things), Protection from Normal Missiles* (via Beliah), Tiny Hut*, Suggestion* (with regards to money matters, for all others, via Unharmonia), Summon Monster I (via Tiamat)

4th Level: Create Food and Water (via Johnny Applewheeze), Confusion (via Dagon), Cure Serious Wounds (via the Shield Ghul), Divination (via Ghul-Ghul), Charm Monster (via Tiamat)

5th Level: Commune, Faithful Hound* (via Fenrir), Flame Strike (usable on those who owe the moneychanger money, via Surtur), Secret Chest*

6th Level: Animate Objects (via Enak), Word of Recall, Flesh to Gold* (as Flesh to Stone, but victim can then be converted into Golden Promises), Guards and Wards*, Invisible Stalker* (via Fenrir), Summon Geedeepee Bear or Bull (see Part V for stats)

7th Level: Instant Summons* (summoned item need not be marked and no gem is required-  moneychanger simply pays for it with Golden Promise when it arrives)s, Summon Demon* (via any Fell Lord)

Key to Fell Lords
Balor- see Volume II
Beliah- see Volume II
Dagon- see Volume III
Enak- see Volume II
Fenrir- link
Ghul-Ghul- link
Johnny Applewheeze- link
Maelfo- see Volume I
Nergal- see Volume III
Orcus- see Volume II
R'ti- see Volume I
Set- see Volume III
Shield Ghul- see Wyrd Ways of Walstock
Surtur- link 
Tezschnaz- see Volume I
Thrym- see Volume II
Tiamat- see Volume III)
Unharmonia- see Volume I

Next week: Moneychangers of Geedeepee, Part V!