Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Priestesses of Arianrhod, Part I

Welsh Goddess of Duty, Initiation, & the Night Sky

Tenets of Arianrhod
* Do your duty whenever possible
* Test those who are worthy
* Emulate the firmament above

Priestesses of Arianrhod
Special: Arianrhod is served by priestesses, cyfrinydds (Welsh mystics), druidesses, gweledydds (Welsh seers), & gwiddons (Welsh witches). What is  more, she can be followed in one of her various aspects (see below). 
Allowed Weapons: Staff, dagger, sword, bow
Allowed Armor: None
Symbols: Star, Owl, Silver Wheel, Moon
Can Turn(by aspect)
   Arianrhod Dutiful: those who fail to abide (if not known, 75% chance if Chaotic, 50% chance if Neutral, 25% chance if Lawful).
   Arianrhod Mystagogue: those who have used their name, a weapon, or been with their wife (or other mate) sometime within the last 2d6 rounds (if not known, a 50% chance)..
   Arianrhod Celestial: those who are within view of the night sky

Mysteries of Arianrhod: Up to once per day per level, spellcasters who follow Arianrhod can reroll one of their spell rolls when:
   Arianrhod Dutiful: performing their duty.
   Arianrhod Mystagogue: testing another.
   Arianrhod Celestial: within view of the night sky.

For example, a priestess of Arianrhod might turn as Arianrhod Mystagogue, then access mysteries as Arianrhod Celestial in a particular instance, or all the time, or turn and access mysteries as Arianrhod Mystagogue only, etc.

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Next week: Priestesses of Arianrhod, Part II!