Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Priestesses of Arianrhod, Part IV

Spells of Arianrhod
Stunning magic shines bright, whether via what's required, a mystery, or on high. Her priestesses also may gain access to additional spells if one of those aspects shines more for them.

1st Level
(All) Command, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Darkness (as Detect Evil, but senses those that aren't at least mostly white or silver, whether hidden or disguised), Detect Magic, Protection from Evil, Resist Cold, Sanctuary, Dancing Lights*

Arianrhod Dutiful: Purify Food and Drink, Floating Disc*
Arianrhod Mystagogue: Remove Fear, Message*
Arianrhod Celestial: Light (appears as starlight or moonlight), Faerie Fire (D)

2nd Level
(All) Augury, Bless, Find Traps, Holy Chant, Spiritual Weapon, Levitate*

Arianrhod Dutiful: Detect Evil, Hold Person (by holding their feet)
Arianrhod Mystagogue: Silence 15' Radius, Amnesia*
Arianrhod Celestial: Resist Fire, Detect Invisible* (illuming them in starlight or moonlight)

3rd Level
(All) Cure Blindness, Cure Disease, Dispel Magic, Remove Curse (reversible), Blink*

Arianrhod DutifulLocate Object, Protection from Normal Missiles*
Arianrhod Mystagogue: Speak with Dead, Clairaudience*
Arianrhod Celestial: Continual Light (appears as starlight or moonlight), Clairvoyance*

4th Level
(All) Create Food and Water, Cure Serious Wounds, Protection from Evil 10' Radius, Dimension Door*

Arianrhod Dutiful: Detect Lie, Hold Vegetation and Fungus (D) (by holding their roots or the like)
Arianrhod Mystagogue: Divination, Polymorph Others* (into forms they don't wish to have)
Arianrhod Celestial: Protection from Electricity (D), Flame Charm* (causes fire to appear as celestial light)

5th Level
(All) Commune, Cure Critical Wounds, Tynged (as Geas*), Telekinesis*

Arianrhod Dutiful: Dispel Evil, Passwall*
Arianrhod Mystagogue: Atonement, True Seeing
Arianrhod Celestial: Flame Strike (appears as a meteorite), Plane Shift

6th Level
(All) Find the Path, Heal, Disintegrate* (appears as a snowy owl alighting on the target it will only affect any who aren't at least mostly white or silver), Teleport*

Arianrhod Dutiful: Move Earth*, Repulsion*
Arianrhod Mystagogue: Globe of Invulnerability*, Legend Lore*
Arianrhod Celestial: Word of Recall, Project Image*

7th Level
(All) Control Weather, Restoration, Symbol, Wind Walk, Antipathy/Sympathy*, Permanency*

Arianrhod Dutiful: Earthquake, Holy Word
Arianrhod Mystagogue: Gate, Mind Blank*
Arianrhod Celestial: Astral Projection, Incendiary Cloud*

See special abilities by cleric type here.


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