Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Clerics of Freyr (Part I)

Neutral God of Fertility, Well-Being, and Prosperity

Tenets of Freyr
* Spread fertility wherever you can, both in the folk and in the land
* Favor peace, only showing one’s war-prowess when necessary
* Let the bounty of life provide for you with joy and wealth
* Honor Elves and Swedes

Clerics of Freyr
Special: Clerics of Freyr are also known as priests, can be male or female, and often honor Freya too (see Divinities and Cults: Volume I)
Allowed Weapons: Sword, spear, dagger
Allowed Armor: None
Holy Symbol: Boar, Ship, Chariot, Phallus
Can Turn: None

Freyr Mysteries: Clerics of Freyr are so well-loved that all rolls made to harm them suffer a -1 penalty. They also gain a +2 bonus to a casting roll when engaged in matters of fertility or prosperity, up to once per day per level.

illustration: Johannes Gehrts, 1901