Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Pan Encounters, Part II

Temples of Pan

Style (d10)
1-5. Arcadian: rustic, pastoral, wild
6-7. Aeolian: free-flowing, open, wild
8. Ionian: philosophical, dignified, wild

9. Corinthian: exotic, esoteric, wild
10. Dorian: martial, somewhat organized, wild

Form (d12)
1-3. Shrine
4. Tholos (Round)
5. Rectangular
6-10. Ruins
11-12. Group of celebrants themselves

Temple's Access is Forbidden to 
1. Enforcers of chastity
2. Defilers of the wild
3. Prudes
4. Undead
5-8. None, though any of the above would unlikely wish to go to Pan's temples anyway

Sacred Space (d14)
Reflecting untamed carnality, such places often emphasize one of the following (roll 1d12):
1-2. Be wild, naturally!
3-4. Enjoy making love, it truly sets you free
5-6. Respect wild places, keep despoilers out of them!
7-8. Treat animals well too
9. Pastoralism
10. Aegipan, Goat totem
11. The Phallus
12. The Syrinx
12-14. (no emphasis)

Random Ruins Encounters
(See Volume I)

Magical Special Properties (all temples of Pan)
Anywhere within the temple: Non-lawful Greek cleric-types can reroll their magical side-effects up to once per day, but must take the second result.
Cella (the temple's main sanctum/ most sacred area): Those who specifically follow Pan can reroll their magical side-effects, gaining a +1d2 bonus to the roll, even picking which ones they wish to use, up to 2 times per day. 

Other Special Properties (percent chance each)
- +1d3 bonus to all rolls made to enjoy lovemaking and the wild (50%)
- Located in or near ruins (if not already ruins itself, 33%)
- Includes a natural source of sustenance and/or succor (25%)
- Located near a node, see Volume II (20%)

Special Temple Guardians
Pan's sacred places are serviced by certain beings.

Pan Celebrants (1d12, 65% chance)
Licentious and concupiscent, they will happily lie with any who are vaguely appropriate.
Mve: 40’, AC 9, HD 1, Attk: none; SP: +1d4 bonus to lovemaking rolls, Sve: C1, 
Mor: 6, AL: C

Satyrs (3d4, 50% chance)
MV 45’; AC 7; HD 3; Atk: 1 gore or spear; Dmg: 1d4+2 or 1d6; SP sleep, charm person; SV: E7 (-4 vs. attractive females); 
Mor: 9, AL C

Wild Animals (1d8, 33% chance)
(roll 1d4): [1-2] goats, [3-4] sheep, [5-6] deer, [7-8] other animals of the wild.

Nymphs (1d3, 25% chance)
MV 40’; AC 9 (0 vs. those who are attracted to them); HD 3; Atk (none); SP: allure, charm person, animal summoning, plane shift, alter self- all as level 7 clerics of Pan; save vs. spell or men who look upon them are blinded or slain, otherwise -4 to all INT rolls, plus other abilities by type: tree stride (Dryads), enlarge (Oreads), or breathe water (Naiads); SV: M9; 
Mor: 7, AL N

Sileni (1d3, 20% chance)
MV 40’; AC 6; HD 4; Atk: 1 club; Dmg: 1d4+2; SP can calm satyrs; SV: E10; Mor: 11, AL N

Pan Maenads (1d3, 15% chance) 
More amorous than those who serve Dionysus.
Mve: 40’, AC 9, HD 1+1, Attk: 2 (clawing); Dmg: 1d2/1d2; SP: hitting with both clawings allows them to begin to engage in (rough) lovemaking with the target, Sve: F1, Mor: 10, AL: C

Map © John Godsland - licensed under CC BY 4.0 (Each square = 5')

General: It is Arcadian.
Its sacred space is: enjoying lovemaking, it truly sets you free.
The temple's form is: a group of celebrants themselves
Magical properties (see above).
Other special properties: +3 bonus to all rolls ro enjoy lovemaking and the wild.

Location 1
A  clearing in the woods is revealed. A rustic, unclad celebrant strides forward to reveal herself too. Beckoning any and all (who are remotely appropriate) to partake of her and the wildness of Pan. Named Phaia, she counts as the temple's pronaos (entrance porch). 

Three satyrs await, hidden in the trees to the north, anxious to enjoy the show of carnality that might ensue based on visitors' reaction to her, whether they need to intervene or not.

Location 2
Two deer and a stag stand here. The latter is quite territorial due to the area being good for breeding, and will attempt to drive off all non-followers of Pan who come too close.

MV: 90’, AC: 7, HD: 2, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d8 gore, SV: F2, Mor: 7

Location 3
An overseer of Pan is here, either Cycnus or Kallinicus (see Part I). As cella (main temple room), he represents the statue of Pan in this case, granting magical ability as described above. Two nymphs and a Pan maenad accompany him, assisting and servicing him as their idol.

Location 4
Tucked away behind a flowering bush lies an exquisite dryad, Actaëe. She is, in fact, the most sacred part of the temple, the adyton, which those at Location 3 will do their best to protect. The cella-potency of the overseer above is based on her well being, so he makes doubly sure to enter that sacred place regularly. 

Next week: quests of Pan in Part III!