Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Hera Encounters, Part I

Followers of Hera

Some may heed all her tenets, while others emphasize one most of all. This choice not only determines the fashion of their beliefs, but it can also adjust the mysteries, magical side-effects, and divine test results available to them from Volume I.

Main Emphasis (d10)
1. Women come first, men must follow
2. Never let a man subjugate a woman!
3. A clever matriarch must carry herself well
4. A clever matriarch must have eyes all around her...
5. Take vengeance upon those who wrong you, especially if they are men, and especially if they have been unfaithful!
6. Otherwise be a good wife and mother
7. Children, child birth
8. Cattle, 'ox-eyed'
9-10. Reroll twice

For example, if a cleric of Hera's focus is that a clever matriarch must carry herself well, she could gain a +2 bonus to one of her spell rolls when doing so, rather than gaining a bonus for any roll against a man, as listed in Volume I. In another case, rather than needing to dominate a man (as in Magical Side-Effect #9), the clever matriarch might need to make a Charisma check instead.


Female Classes (100% chance, d12)
1-5. Cleric 
6-10. Priestess
11-12. Amazon priestess (see below)

Hair Color (d6)
1. blond
2-3. brunette
4-6. black

Build (d4)
1. Slender
2. Athletic
3. Stocky
4. Voluptuous

Complexion (d6)
1-2. fair
3-5. medium
6. tanned

Garb (d5)
Whether as robes alone or emphasizing armor, the main colors shown are:
1-3. all white
4-5. gold & white

Special Possessions (percent chance each)
- Jeweled scepter, attractive authority
- Expensive jewelry, indicative of her station
- Peacock feather fan, used to help influence men
- Robes of p
rotection, +1d2 AC bonus

Main Weapon (d4)
1. Dagger
2. Scepter (as mace)
3. Short sword
4. Whip

Special Qualities (percent chance)
- Divine blood (5%): gain +2 to Wisdom or Charisma

Sample Cleric-Types of Hera

, Lvl 5 Greek cleric of Hera, Align: L, MV: 40’, AC: 7, HD: 5, HP: 23, Atk: 1 (scepter), Dmg: 1d6, SP: cleric, spells prepared (1st: Command, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Philanderer (as Detect Evil, but detects unfaithful men!), Protection from Evil Men (as Protection from Evil, but works against men of all alignments), Unseen (Man) Servant*, 2nd Level: Augury, Bless, Know Alignment, Hold Person, Scare*, 3rd Level: Cure Disease, Dispel Magic, Clairaudience*, SV: C5, Mor: 10, Items: holy symbol, white robes of protection +2, expensive jewelry, peacock fan (see above), scepter, 44 gold pieces. Main Emphasis: Women come first, men must follow, Appearance: black hair, slender build, fair complexion. 

AethreLvl 3 Greek amazon priestess of Hera, Align: L, MV: 40’, AC: 7, HD: 3, HP: 20, Atk: 1 (labrys- 2-handed axe), Dmg: 1d12 damage, 1d6-2 vs. females, SP: amazon priestess abilities & penalties (see below)SV: C3, Mor: 9, Items: holy symbol, leather armor, labrys, dagger. Appearance: brunette, athletic, tanned.


Amazon Priestess
While both amazon warriors and clerics of Hera gain bonuses against males, amazon priestesses combine the two with their magic. 
* Up to once per day per level, they can do one of the following:
- double their spell's damage to a man
- double their spell's duration on men
- reduce a man's chances to save against their spell by 4
- increase their chances of saving against a man's spell by 4

* They may also wield a labrys: a two-handed, double axe that does 1d12 to males, but only 1d6 to all others.

* In return, they suffer a -2 penalty to all rolls when attempting to harm other women, as well as when doing something in the service of men, from now on. 

For additional amazon options, see (link).

Next week: Temples of Hera in Part II!